Hotel detailed



  • Sea View
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Owner's description

The Hotel Tilemaxos Anneta welcomes you to the magnificent Afitos, the most beautiful traditional village in Chalkidiki. The Hotel Tilemaxos Anneta can be the ideal place for your summer holidays. It has got 13 completely equipped rooms with air-conditioning, television and a refrigerator. It combines the benefits of a hotel with the familial atmosphere. You can relax drinking some really refreshing drinks in our hotel bar.

The hotel has got 13 completely renovated rooms. The rooms have got:

  • autonomous air conditioning
  • television
  • bathroom
  • basic equipment of cooker
  • refrigerator

Demanding customers can be totally satisfied since there are twin bed rooms, three bed rooms and four bed rooms to cover all their needs. You can enjoy a unique view to the sea from all the rooms. In the evenings, relax and enjoy your drink in our Hotel Bar looking at the fantastic view. The hotel also offers reception service, parking and free wireless internet.

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    Sanja Bacevski On23.07.2015 20:31:36

    Do you have available apartments for two adults and one two years old child from 31.07.2015 -07.08.2015 and what price would be?