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Aegean Hotel Kriopigi Kassandra 88aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.1aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.10aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.11aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.12aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.13aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.14aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.15aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.2aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.3aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.4aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.5aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.6aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.7aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.8aegean_kriopigi_kassandra_halkidiki.9


  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • TV

Owner's description

Aegean hotel is located in a quiet pinewood and panoramic area in Kriopigi, in Halkidiki. It is 200 meters from the center of Kriopigi where there is a wide choice of shops and restaurants the visitor can choose from.
Aegean hotel is on the road that leads to a beautiful pinewood beach at a distance of  700 meters. On the beach, there is the municipal bar in an organized beach and a huge parking lot. There the visitors can use the minibus of the municipality which is free of charge. There is also the traditional train which comes and goes.

The hotel has got 40 complete apartments. The rooms have got autonomous air conditioning, TV, bathroom basic kitchen equipment, and a refrigerator. There are twin bed rooms, three bed rooms and family four bed rooms. In the evenings, you can relax and enjoy your holidays at the hotel's bar having a drink.

There's also:

  • Reception
  • Pool
  • Pool for children
  • Pool Bar    
  • Restaurant
  • Parking lot
  • Free wireless Internet
  • Car and Moto Rental

In modern accommodation and recreational  facilities experience the tranquility and high service standards thanks to the spontaneous hospitality of the Aegean Hotel and its unique position, which invites you to a magical getaway! The hotel accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard.

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