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  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Pets welcome
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Outside the town
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer

Owner's description

Enjoy peaceful vacations in a beautiful green field. Just 500m from picturesque sea-side village Possidi, Villa Bianca studios offer the best of both: sea and mountain. They are situated on a hill-side full of olive trees, where the mountain breeze freshens the summer atmosphere, while they are only 700m from Possidi's beach and 1,5km from Cavo Possidi and the most favorite beach of Chalkidiki's peninsula, Aigiopelagitika beach. Possidi is a small touristic village with a number of sea side cafeterias, restaurants and hotel bars and it is ideal for long walks under the moonlight.

Possidi has three beaches to choose from. Aigiopelagitika is a long sandy beach, with clear turquoise waters. It has been voted online as one of Greece’s best beaches. You can cherish the sun under your own umbrella or use one of the two well organized beach bars offering sun shields and deck chairs as well as drinks and little snacks. Don’t miss the sunset there! Possidi itself has a long sandy beach in front of the village and a less known phenomenal beach that is formed by the Cavo; a sandy peninsula that reaches out for hundreds of meters into the sea and offers plenty of space for sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear waters. The good thing is that you never miss a swim, as the two beaches (Possidi and Aigiopelagitika) have different orientations and at least one of them is always calm. Villa Bianca Studios are 700 meters from Possidi beach, 1,5km from Cavo and 2km from Aigiopelagitika beach. Of course you can reach a variety of other beautiful Chalkidiki beaches (Paliouri, Pefkohori) by car with a 10 to 20 minutes drive from the studios.

2-bed studio, First floor: Studios on first floor have a double bed and private balcony with view on the green surrounding. They offer fully equipped kitchen with electric stove-top, refrigerator and bathroom with shower. The room is light and airy with an overhead fan and air condition. Every studio has TV and free WiFi internet access.

3-bed studio, First floor: First floor studios are for 3 adults (3 single beds) or a family of three (double and single bed). They have individual balcony with view on the green surrounding, fully equipped kitchen with electric stove-top, refrigerator and bathroom with shower. The room is light and airy with an overhead fan and air condition. Every studio has TV and free WiFi internet access.

3-bed studio, Ground floor: Ground floor studios are for a family of 3 persons. There’s a double and a single bed inside the studio. If there’s a second child under 12 years old, we can provide an extra folded bed upon request. Every studio has a fully equipped kitchen with electric stove-top, refrigerator and its own bathroom with shower. There’s a TV inside every room and free WiFi internet access. Ground floor studios are light and airy with an overhead fan. They provide access to the stone yard on both sides and overlook at the garden in front and on the back of the studios. They are ideal for families with small children as they can.

Villa Bianca Studios are situated inside a private property of 4.000 square meters of green. In the front side of the studios there are beautiful palm trees surrounded by grass and a large stone yard with tables and chairs for every studio. You can also find a common barbecue place on the right side for special dinners and gatherings with your friends. On the backside of the studios there’s a playground with swings and slide for our little visitors. The whole field has many olive trees but also some fig trees and berry trees. In the entrance of the field there’s a spacious parking and an outside shower.

From season 2015/16. each studio has a 24'' LED TV.

Prices and room types

Glossary of terms

Cancelation and payment policy

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    Milica Abdalla29.08.2016 14:56:45

    Postovana Zainteresovani smo za apartman sa 3 kreveta i ! sa 2 kreveta u terminu 7.9-17.9 U pitanju su dve porodice sa 2 psa. Vidim da je pet friendly ali obzirom da su u pitanju veci psi moram da pitam da li je dozvoljeno. U pitanju su 2 Rodezijska Ridzbeka, odrasli psi koji bi sa nama isli svuda, znaci ne bi bili ostavljani sami u apartmanima. Pozdrav i hvala na odgovoru


    ZoricaD23.07.2015 08:40:58

    Hello, Im intereseting about your accommodation in period 05.08.-15.08. for 2 adults and two kids (11 and 5 years). Do you have avaliable apartments and on what price? Best regards, Zorica


    Vesna Stankovic20.07.2015 12:24:46

    Postovani, da li je slobodan trokrevetni studio u periodu od 30.7. do 6.8. ukupno 7 nocenja i koja bi bila cena? Hvala

    • Ivana20.07.2015 15:00:31

      Postovani, Ima mesta u Vasem terminu. Cena je 45e za noc. Ukoliko Vam odgovara ovaj smestaj molimo Vas popunite upit za rezervaciju na nasoj stranici. Pozdrav


    Natasa Klepić17.07.2015 22:37:51

    Da li ima najma apartmana u periodu od 01.08 i od 07.08 u trajanju od po deset dana u trokrevetnim apartmanima. A ako ima koliko košta?

    • Nevena18.07.2015 10:51:36

      Postovani, odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    Jelena Gidra15.07.2015 08:31:28

    Postovani, Interesuje me smestaj za dve odrasle osobe studio /sa kuhinjom/ u periodu od 13.09. do 19.09. Hvala

    • Nataša ( 08:40:46

      Postovani, ima mesta. Da li zelite da rezervisete? Cena je 30 eura po danu.


    Natasa Subotic Pupov23.06.2015 12:44:59

    Postovani, Interesuje nas smestaj za dve osobe od 10.09.-20.09.

    • Dusan23.06.2015 13:46:30

      Postovana, ima mesta u trazenom terminu. Studio za dve osobe tada kosta 27e za vece. Ukoliko zelite da rezervisete, pisite nam na, kako bismo Vam poslali dalje instrukcije. Pozdrav


    MarijanaNS12.06.2015 08:39:41

    [quote name="Dusan ("]Postovani, recite nam samo za koliko osoba trazite smestaj?
    Dvoje odraslih i deca od 5 i 6 godina.


    MarijanaNS11.06.2015 21:24:50

    Interesuje me 20-1-2 Jun. Hvala unapred.

    • Dusan11.06.2015 21:30:02

      Postovani, recite nam samo za koliko osoba trazite smestaj? Pozdrav


    MarijanaNS11.06.2015 18:17:23

    Poštovana, u gornjoj tabeli su navedene samo cene od 1. Jula pa me interesuje da li je smeštaj raspoloživ i ranije. Pozdrav