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  • Sea View
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Air conditioner
  • Close to beach
  • TV
  • Recommended

Owner's description

Mira Mare Hotel is located on the beautiful Aegean coast in Nea Peramos, about 15km from the city of Kavala. Golden sands, crystal pure sea, taverns, restaurants, shops, souvenir boutiques all promise you a pleasant stay. The hotel is open during all seasons of the year and is consisted of double and triple rooms. Additional are available studios with maximum options to 30 beds. We are expecting you, promising all of our guests a terrific stay. We boast great qualities in every aspect of service during your visit at our hotel, due to the great experience we have gathered throughout the years.

The rooms are equipped with a heating and an air conditioning system,satellite TV, refrigerator and a balcony with a view toward the sea. On the ground floor are located the reception desk, Internet café and a tavern-restaurant with available tables both inside and outside next to the seaside and the coffee bar. A free WiFi is available to all our clients. Enjoy the services of our tavern as it is placed exactly on the magnificent Aegean Sea shore. Delicious meals prepared of fresh sea delicacies, fish, appetizers and local Greek cuisine specialties accompanied with a tasty wine from the region. Our beach only 10 meters away from the hotel is accommodated for your convenience with beach chairs and sunshades all free of charge. Here you can find a restful time and truly enjoy the refreshing drinks, coffees, juices and cold beverages and drinks. We also offer a yacht with a capacity for 6 people. We invite you to explore from here the distance of further beaches and islands if you desire to sunbathe, swim or want the thrill of fishing (we provide the equipment). Nice evenings at the bar are guaranteed as there you will find around you a friendly and amicable environment, which will leave you with unforgettable memories. During holidays, we organize dinners with a live music and programs, holiday meals, dancing and a boosting mood.

Mira Mare Hotel is consisted with beautiful and comfortable double and triple rooms, all equipped with modern amenities and facilities. Here you can relax as you will find the ideal place for your holiday, enjoying from the balcony of your room the panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

Decorated with great style, Mira Mare restaurant offers excellent cuisine using local products, focusing on high quality and the Mediterranean traditional diet. The guest of MIra Mare and every visitor to the beautiful New Peramos can enjoy near to the seaside, fresh seafood, traditional fish dishes and local specialties accompanied by the famous local traditional raki or the delicious wines of our region.

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    branimir petrovic05.08.2015 12:06:10

    U periodu od 10.08-30.08.15 došli bi na deset dana u Grcku. Radi se o porodici sa Dva detete(11 i 12 god). Treba na pristojan smeštaj.


    slavica sevic27.05.2015 16:32:29

    Molim Vas da mi pomognete za smeštaj tročlane porodice. Želimo smeštaj na obali-plaži i ne mora biti u centru. Cena na koju smo spremni da platimo je 30 eura noć. Srdačan pozdrav, Slavica

    • Iva ( 16:47:22

      Postovana, Napisite nam jedan mail na u kom cete napisati za koje datume trazite smestaj i da li zelite da smestaj bude u Nea Peramosu ili i druga mesta dolaze u obzir. Pozdrav


    Dragana Nikola18.05.2015 11:16:19

    Postovani, Nadam se da vam nije tesko da mi kazete dali u regii Nea peramos ima slobodne sobe za tri vecere za tri vozrasne osobe i dete, za perido 25 - 28 June. Zelela bi da majku povedem na mali boravak nakon smrti oca. Hvala Vam... na pomoc


    Jovana23.02.2015 17:00:03

    Postovani, Kada ce biti objavljene cene za 2015. godinu?

    • Nataša ( 18:34:24

      Jovana, vec duze cekamo na novi cenovnik ali nismo i dalje sigurni kada ce ga spremiti i poslati. Da li zelite da mozda preporucimo nesto drugo u Nea Peramosu za vas? Ili mozda moze doci i neko drugo mesto u obzir? Srdacan pozdrav


    Nikana27.01.2015 20:22:48

    Postovani, da li zelite smestaj u ovom hotelu ili neku preporuku? Pisite nam na mail


    dabic aleksandar27.01.2015 18:57:53

    potreban smjestaj za 3 porodice,2 porodice sa po 2 djece(13 i 9 god) I jedna porodica bez djece u 27.06. do 6.07.2015...pozzz