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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • High Quality Accommodation
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer

Owner's description

You will find Kalamitsi on the second leg of Chalkidiki, Sithonia, in the southern area. It is a small beach paradise. Hardly 160km from Thessaloniki, it's the perfect place for an incredible summer escape, offering a quiet and relaxed vacation and the possibility to visit all of others Sithonia`s beautiful regions (Sykia, Sarti, Neos Marmaras). Kalamitsi is one from the most beautiful graphic coastal settlements of Halkidiki and famous for it's unique golden beach and the clean blue waters, it is a suitable calm shelter for quiet vacations.

Just in front of the beach you will find the complex of Apartments Cavo Kalamitsi. It is a family business that was created with love and taste. It operates for 20 years acquiring big experience and ensuring in each one of you the most pleasant vacations ever.

Cavo Kalamitsi consists of 19 apartments. The 7 are quadruple and the 4 of these have two rooms. There are 8 triple as well as 4 double. All of the rooms are fully furnished and equipped with the most modern electric appliances and furniture chosen with taste. Some of the quadruple apartments have also beds bunks. All of the rooms are spacious, full of sunshine and have a unique view of the beach, the blue sea and the whole Toroneos gulf.

Just in front of the complex there are also a Beach Bar and a fully equipped supermarket. In the supermarket you will find everything you need for your everyday needs as well as a large variety of sea fun equipment as sea beds, sun chairs, rackets, sea games and many many more. Towels are changing every day and room cleaning is organized every second day.

We wish you this year's vacations will remain unforgettable.

Prices and room types

Glossary of terms

Cancelation and payment policy

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    Nedeljko20.08.2016 02:01:48

    Poštovani Interesuje me da li ima slobodan studio za dvoje odraslih i bebu od osam meseci za period od 01.09. do 11.09. Unapred hvala


    Zorica20.07.2016 09:48:21

    Koja bi bila cena dnevnog najma 3-krevetnig studija za period od 25-tog septembra na 7 nocenja?


    Veljko29.06.2016 18:28:09

    Zdravo svima koji gledaju, Mi smo zbog dečijih boginja morali da odustanemo od aranžmana 1.7.-14.7. Plaćen je depozit. Ako je neko zainteresovan za ovaj period može da doplati samo razliku, a depozit da podelimo? Javite se agenciji da je u pitanju BOOKING #6314811 pa mogu da nas spoje. Sve najbolje.

    • Veljko29.06.2016 18:34:02

      U pitanju je studio za 3 osobe, 2 odrasle i jedno dete.


    Mateo25.06.2016 00:44:17

    Zanima nas 2 Bed Studio?Da li je slobodan u periodu od 01.07 i koja bi mu cena bila?


    Aleksandra22.06.2016 19:07:51

    Postovani da li imate slobodan smestaj za dvoje odraslih i jednu bebu u periodu od 29.06 -09.07 ili od 01.07-11.07 ?


    Mirjana22.06.2016 07:50:38

    Apartmani su prostrani i lepo sredjeni. Ciste i menjaju peskire svaki dan, posteljinu svaki drugi. Ove godine dorucak su poceli da serviraju u dvoristu umesto u beach bar-u :-( nozevi su losi, tako da ponesi te bar 1 dobar noz i velike solje za kafu. Sve ostalo ima. Njihov supermarket ima ono najosnovnije.


    Nevena21.06.2016 23:43:04

    Postovani, nama treba cetvorokrevetni apartman, sa odvojene 2 spavace sobe..u pitanju su dve porodice, sa decom od 1 i 2 godine..da li imate 2 krevetca? I da li ima slobodno u navedenom periodu? Hvala


    Gordana19.06.2016 15:22:48

    Hallo! Please tell me do you have available 1 room for 4 people and 1 room for 2 people for 6 nights from 3 th or 4 th or 5 th of July, and tell us tre price. Tank you .


    Majda Pivko16.06.2016 15:01:33

    Postovani, zanima me da li je slobodan 4-krevetni studio ili suite u periodu od 11.07. do 21.07. Unapred hvala.Pozdrav


    Svetlana27.05.2016 22:19:08

    Molim vas da li imate trokrevetni apartman slobodan od 08 avgusta do 22 avgusta dvoje odraslih i dvoje dece 9 GOD i 1 god