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  • Sea View
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Owner's description

The Villa Paralio is a complex of rooms and studios on the beach of Toroni in Halkidiki on the beautiful Sithonia.

Eight fully equipped rooms, 4 doubles and 4 triples with all modern comforts and high standard facilities, the rooms of Villa Paralio is here to ensure you have the most beautiful holidays on the beautiful beach of Toroni.

Our rooms divided by a road from the beach and the sea and only 10 meters.

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    Sanja 05.08.2017 11:44:40

    Postovani, Imate li smestaj sa dve odvojene sobe za troje odraslih osoba u periodu od 17-19.08 na 10 dana?Unapred zahvalna,poz


    Svetlana Rilak17.06.2017 14:27:26

    Poštovani, da li je trokrevetni apartman koji je slobodan u peroi. od 22.6-2.7. sa pogledom na more? Mi bi smoga rezervisaliU. napred hvala


    Slobodanka Paskaš16.06.2017 12:11:09

    Da li imate slobodan studio za tri osobe od 26. 06. do 06.06. Hvala


    Masa04.06.2017 22:24:42

    Postovani, Da li imate slobodan trolrevetan apartman u periodu od 23.07. do 30.07.? Moze i malo kasniji datumi. Pozdrav


    MIRJANA04.06.2017 13:26:46

    Postovani, Da li na SITONIJI imate slobodan apartman za petoclanu porodicu, dvoje odraslih, troje dece, u periodu od 25.06.17. na dalje za 10-12 nocenja, po ceni do 50 EUR. S postovanjem, Mirjana, e-mail:,