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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • Half Board
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer

Owner's description

Angelos Garden Hotel recreates the typical style of coastal cities Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki - in its splendor, refinement and quality service. The hotel offers free umbrellas and sunbeds, free parking. It is easy and affordable way to move to the Garden Hotel Angelos: a private car, by bus from KTEL Thessaloniki bus direction Sarti, fees, and organized transfer by mini-bus from the hotel. It continues its tradition now 31 years.
The hotel has 3 suites, 9 studios and 9 bungalows. Has table tennis and barbecue.

Angelos Garden offers panoramic fish tavern with 120 seats, located directly on the beach, which offers traditional Greek cuisine. Meals are prepared according to old family recipes. Fish dishes are prepared from freshly caught fish from the region. Surely, our restaurant is a gem throughout Halkidiki. It remains to visit the Beach - bar Angelos Garden, situated on the beach in a wide green area and relax in a blue horizon and friendly service.

The apartments are luxury category, each is uniquely interior design in compliance with all requirements for comfort and convenience. The rooms overlook the sea and over the tavern - 10 meters from the beach. All are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning, personal safe, wireless Internet, hair dryer, refrigerator, kitchen, terrace on the sea and other amenities.

The studios are located 70 meters from the beach. Two studios are located on the second floor above the tavern provide sea views, three studios, also located on the second floor, 70 meters from the beach - a partial view. And the other four are on the first floor with no view. Studios suitable for 2 , 3 and 4 people. All are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning, personal safe, wireless Internet, hair dryer, refrigerator, kitchen, terrace and other extras.

Angelos Garden has 9 comfortable bungalows, which are located 95 meters from the beach. They are ideal for vacationers, families with children, adults, couples, single, but without sea view. All bungalows are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning, refrigerator and kitchenette. Have a wonderful flower garden with large shady yard.

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Proveli smo 10 dana u ovom smestaju od 5.7.-15.7.2016.godine. Nikana,kao ozbiljan agent u posredovanju pri odabiru smestaja na grckim letovalistima, ne sme sebi da dozvoli ovakav nizak nivo kvaliteta predmetnog smestaja. Nekultura, negostoprimljivost i necistoca su glavne odlike vlasnika Angelos Gardena. I pored svih lepota Sitonije-njenih prelepih plaza i zivopisnih predela, nama je ostao gorak ukus prouzrokovan ocajnim smestajem pansiona Angelos Garden




Veoma lose


Objekat preko puta, znaci objekat preko puta ulice,tako da se ti smestaji ne nalazi u ovom dvoristu sa slika. Sve ostalo je ispod ocekivanog nivoa.

sve ostalo



Angelos garden torono nikad vise


gazda je katasatrofa od coveka celo vreme se napiva i vice po plazi da ovo nie gabe da je platio za plazu i da treba da se naruci i preko podne i po popodne da po coveku treba minimum 10e da se poruci svaki dan a u vasem opisu pise da su lezalke besplatne na 5dana menjaju postelnjinu ako potrazis ako ne moze i da te zaborave itd

blizu plaze
na dva tri dana ciste septicku jamu i to u vreme rucka i yaj pola sat sve smrdi
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    Fanija Samak19.09.2016 14:20:46

    We were 2 adults travelling with 2 small kids (2 years old). I called Angelos Garden the day before our arrival to check whether they can provide for us 2 baby cots (I mentioned on the phone that I am happy to bring my own if they couldn't). The owner answered the phone and as he didn't speak any English he gave the phone to some girl who assured me that they have baby cots available. We arrived the next day after few hours of travelling by car. First of all, Angelos Garden doesn't have any reception. Instead we had to go to the restaurant and as there was no one around (this was midday) I had to go into the restaurant's kitchen to get someone who can help us. An old lady came out and called this girl from next door to help us. This girl took us to our studio which was not in the building by the sea but across the road. When we entered the studio there were no baby cots. I asked if they will bring them, the girl was not too bothered with that and told me that they don't have any, just beds. It was useless me trying to explain that we specifically asked if they have baby cots. She did not care at all and had a take it or leave it attitude. The studio was nothing like the photos they show on their website and the kitchenette was really small - just a refrigerator, sink and 2 hobs for cooking. There was no room to prepare or store the food, or dry dishes. It was awful. And the girl's attitude was unbelievable. We left immediately (she didn't seemed too bothered about this as well) and luckily found an alternative accommodation on the spot which was much more pleasant and comfortable. My advice, DON'T GO THERE!!!


    Ivana01.08.2016 20:54:55

    Postovani da li postoji slobodan smestaj za porodicu od dve odrasle osobe sa dvoje dece od 3 i 6 godina za period 13.08 do 27.08.2016. Hvala


    Biljana27.07.2016 23:34:16

    Da li ima slobodan bungalov u terminu od 07.08-17.08.2016?


    Sanja27.07.2016 23:05:03

    Da li imate slobodna 2 bungalova od 11.08 u vili Angelos garden? Jedan trokrevetni i jedan cetvorokrevetni i po kojim cenama? Hvala


    Igor16.07.2016 09:30:02

    Bili smo u Angelos Gardenu od 4.-14.jula...dobili smo apartman br.3a , koji nema sudoperu, rešo sa 2 ringle je u improvizovanom plakaru do kupatila, sudove smo morali da peremo u kupatilu u lavabou. Nigde u opisu ove vile nije dat prikaz takve kuhinje. Napomenuli smo vam kada smo izvršili rezervaciju da želimo smeštaj koji ima normalnu kuhinju i nismo ga dobili. Umanjili ste nam cenu 10% na konto tog propusta. To je ok , ali nedovoljno profesionalno jer morate znati šta nudite i prodajete. Što se tiče ostalih stvari, vila nije na plazi i ako se prikazuje na slikama već je smeštaj preko puta ulice u vili Flora (picerija i restoran) na plaži kako stoji u opisu. Menja se posteljina na 3 dana, gazda i cela familija koja tu radi je potpuno neorganizovana, terali su nas i ostale turiste sa plaže jer navodno treba da plaćamo piće na plaži jer je on za 3000 eura mesečno zakupio plažu (u opisu takodje piše da su ležaljke besplatne). Na plaži nema ko da ti pridje da naručiš piće, frape...kafu...sok...bilo šta. A onda se gazda pojavi i počne da urla kako mora da se pije najmanje za 10 eura dnevno da bi moglo tu da se boravi preko dana. Nema konobare ili neke devojke koje bi sluzile piće...juriš onu njegovu dečurliju da ti donesu piće...baba-gazdina majka je CIA...sedi na terasi i gleda u kom apartmanu sija svetlo...opominje svako jutro da se gasi svetlo na terasi noću...jer im trošimo struju... klimu su namestili na senzor (foto ćeliju) i ne može da radi kada su vrata od terase apartmana otvorena ili odškrinuta...moraju biti potpuno zatvorena...u apartmanu je sve na senzore...kad izadješ ne možeš ostaviti da se puni...maksimalno štede na svemu...voda je na česmi crvenkasta...smrdi na rdju...tako du su peškiri crveni...zube smo prali flaširanom vodom. Generalno ...vama svaka čast na organizaciji i svemu, maksimalno ste korektni i profesionalni ali se manite ovakvih degenerika koji Vam ruše reputaciju! Što se nas tiče u Angelos garden nikad više! I vodite računa o opisu objekata koje nudite!!!


    Sanja14.07.2016 08:23:56



    Daniela Letovic10.07.2016 14:19:07

    Pozdrav! Nas bi interesovao smestaj u Angelos Garden Hotelu perodu od 28.7.. voje odraslih i dete od 3.5 godine. Pozdrav, Daniela


    Milena03.07.2016 00:48:36

    Poštovani, šta imate na raspolaganju za period boravka od 21.08. - 28.08.2016. - Dvoje odraslih i dvoje dec od 6 i 8 godina je u pitanju? Zainteresovani smo za polupansion. Unapred hvala


    Anna Veleva02.07.2016 20:11:25

    Dears, I would like to ask for available bungalou, room or appartment for 2 adults for the period 16-23 July(7 nights). We are coming with a small dog, who does not bark or cause any troubles and is used to staying in different hotels. I would highly appreciate your prompt answer. Thank you. Kind regards Anna


    Zoran01.07.2016 19:29:16

    Do you have some studio from 05.07 for 10 nights? Best regards Zoran