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  • Sea View
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Close to beach
  • Outside the town
  • TV

Our description

Remember the instructions how to get to Giola? Well, there I’ve mentioned the famous Sirines bungalows and the board at turning to them, right of the road when coming from direction of Potos, that you’ll encounter when you pass the corners of the hotel Aeria. Today I present that bungalows to you. So, they are on the south of the island, at the exit of Astris, 700 meters of dirt road from the turnoff from the main road, just above the beach Kalami, on the hill opposite the hill where the hotels Aeria and Aeolis are. Country road, up the hill away from them, is leading to Giola.

These bungalows are authentic in every sense, by their position, the environment, the style in which they are governed, views... They might be an interesting option for people with exquisite taste, artists, nature lovers, couples looking for seclusion...

Tourists can use 6 four-bed studios (two very big in the spacious ground floor and 4 upstairs). Exits in all the studios are on the back, directly from the courtyard, and balconies are located on the front and have a fantastic view of the bay where the beach Kalami is, the sea of specific green-blue color and at the surrounding hills, olive groves and pines.

Since the bungalows are on the hill, tucked in the countryside and that within the studios are stone floors, everywhere was very pleasant, freshness is felt even during the hottest summer days.

All studios are equipped with massive, ancient, elaborate wooden furniture. They have well equipped kitchens and bathrooms of standard apartment quality. In some of them there is a fireplace. The balconies are spacious and pleasant to sit and enjoy the fantastic sights, sounds and scents of the waves. All have TVs and air conditioners. The introduction of the Internet is planned.

Studios on the floor have a better view, and studios in the ground lead directly in the garden and countryside and those are fresher. Parking is within the fenced yard.

The owner’s house is situated in the courtyard above. There is a large terrace where, for those who wish, they serve meals. Breakfast is 5€ per person, lunch or dinner 10€. It is also possible to buy some natural olive products (organically produced) (oils, creams, soaps, etc..), and various snacks of fruit and honey.

You should know that the access road to the bungalow, after turning off the main road, in a distance of 700 meters is made of dirt, and that the last 100 meters are quite steep. Kalami Beach is close to the bungalows, below them, and you can reach it for a few minutes walk. Mostly at the entrance to the water are stone tablets, except at the ends. On the shore are small pebbles mixed with sand. On the beach there are a few chairs that probably belong to the nearby hotels, and nothing else. The nearest supermarket is located at 2 km from the bungalow in Astris, also the first tavern. Apart from the Aeria and Aeolis hotels, on the opposite hill, and Anastasia bungalows next to the main road, there are no other buildings and facilities. However, if you want to stay in this authentic accommodation and environment, and that all vacation time you have a beautiful view and listening to the sounds of waves, listed aggravating factors will not bother you.

The owners are very friendly, but unobtrusive people. Holiday in the Sirines bungalows is a Robinsonian summer variant. The owners are permanent residents in the house next to the bungalows, in a house with a large and low windows to observe the nature and the sea by the fireplace in the living room. If you are romantics, hungry for genuine peace, the natural environment, lots of greenery, smell of the sea and views of the same, then you will really like it in Sirines bungalows.

Potos is only 5 minutes drive from the bungalow, and so you have all the facilities of this beautiful town at your fingertips. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Psiliamos, is located about 1,5km, only a few hundred meters more to small, sandy beaches Notos, then Roso Gremos and San Antonio.

Owner's description

The Studios Sirines are to be found on the east end of the rural village Astris, at the bay called Kalami, 7km SE of the cosmopolitan village Potos. The Studios are surrounded with an olive grove and have a fantastic view to the sea. The Studios Sirines are offering you space for relax and good vacation-time. Our 4 Studios and 2 Apartments are furnished with a complete equipped kitchen unit, TV, telephone, air-condition, double-bed and sofa bed. The stone-floor, the wooden ceiling, and an open fireplace give the rooms a unique and comfortable atmosphere. The Studios have all separate entries and have a wonderful and beautiful view to the bay of Kalami. Every studio or apartment can house 4 persons. In the main-house, a breakfast terrace and satellite TV are found. Our lovely and biologically cultivated kitchen garden provides fresh vegetables, while the surrounding area forms a nice place, full of olive and apple trees. A nice place is also the nearby beach (about 300m away), which is not overcrowded, also during the main season. Parking-places are also available. English and Greek are spoken. The coast where Studios Sirines are found is called Kalami (meaning Cane) and is situated in the southern coast of Thassos, near the village of Astris. In the depth of this small bay, there exist more than 50 curved inscriptions on the lateral western rocks, dated in the middle of the 4th century B.C. The inscriptions refer mainly to personal names and emanate in all probability from a team of Thasian adolescents who lived nearby. On the bay, ceramic seals and remains of a tower and other building material have been found, all dated in the Hellenistic period. Α unique natural landscape is found very close to Studios Sirines. It is called Gkiola and is a natural swimming-pool with marine water that is renewed permanently by the sea. It probably constituted in the past a marble quarry.

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    Azra Jandric13.03.2016 19:18:23

    Da li su slobodni apartmani, 2 jedinice, za period 20.06.2016. do 30.06.2016. Dve porodice, 4 odraslih i 4 dece? Obavezno sa kuhinjama.


    ivan vdic14.07.2015 10:01:17

    da li postoji mogucnost da se rezervise od 20 avgusta do 30.08 za cetvoroclanu porodicu u 4 bed studio

    • Nevena14.07.2015 17:33:09

      Postovani, odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    Nataša ( 11:58:45

    Postovani, nema mesta u apartmanima vec samo u cetvorokrevetnim studijima. Da li vam to odgovara? pozdrav


    Nada Hertl13.07.2013 10:17:32

    Poštovana, Da li ima mesta od 25.07.-05.08.2013. u 4-krevetnim apartmanima ?


    Nikana22.05.2013 22:18:13

    bungalovi su jako blizu plaze, mozda stotinak metara, stazicom slike plaze mozete videti kod hotela aeolis ima apartmana koji imaju jednu spavacu sobu sa dva kreveta i dnevni boravak sa jos dva kreveta. u dnevnu sobu bi mogao da se ubaci jedan pomocni lezaj. mesta za sada ima, pa ako zelite mozete popuniti upit na sajtu smestaj je veoma kvalitetan


    Anonymous22.05.2013 22:06:17

    Postovana, Koliko su bungalovi udaljeni od plaze? Da li imate slike plaze? Da li se svi apartmani sastoje od samo jednu spavace sobe, ili neki ima I dve? Nas je petoro, pa nas interesuje kako bi mogli da se smestimo. Inace, interesuje nas period od 18.jula do 03.avgusta. Unapred hvala na odgovorima.


    Nataša ( 18:14:35

    Postovani, Mozete rezervisati 3 studija. Cena je ista kao na sajtu i posto su date po danu, nije bitno da li je 11 ili 12 dana, dobicete obracun kad budete popunjavali upit. Morate popuniti 3 upita a mi cemo vam poslati dalje instrukcije POzdrav


    ivana djurovic08.05.2013 16:45:27

    Postovana, moja drugarica Ana Jovanovic Vas je kontaktirala za najam 4 studija od 24.07. Ana ima problem sa konekcijom, pa sam se ukljucila u dogovor. Pre svega, jedna od porodica je odustala, tako da nam treba 3 studija. Da li bi cena bila niza ako bi najam trajao 11 ili 12 dana? Da li svaki studio mora da se rezervise ponaosob, ili mogu sva tri odjednom? Izvinjavam se ako sam Vam poruku poslala dva puta Unapred hvala, Ivana Djurovic


    ivana djurovic08.05.2013 16:15:47

    Postovana, Moja drugarica Ana. Jovanovic Vas je kontaktirala u vezi najma 4 studija od 14.07-24.07. Ana ima problem sa konekcijom, pa sam se ukljucila u dogovaranje. Pre svega, jedna pordica je odustala, tako da nam trebaju tri apartmana. Da li bi cena bila niza ako bi najam trajao 11 ili 1 2 dana? Da li svaki studio moaraamo da rezervisemo ponaosob, ili mozemo da rezervisemo tri odjednom? Unapred hvala, Ivana


    Nataša ( 16:00:14

    Postovani, Vlasnici su potvrdili da ima mesta za sve 4 porodice, tako da mozete popuniti upit za rezervaciju! pozdrav [quote="Ana Jovanovic" post=8992]Postovani, Interesuje me smestaj u Sirines bungalovima u periodu od 14.7. do 24.7. Nama bi bila potrebna 4 studija, pa me zanima da li ima slobodnog mesta ili, u protivnom, da li i dalje imate neki slobodan studio u ovom smestaju? Hvala unapred na odgovoru! Pozdrav, Ana ps. izvinjavam se ako se ponavlja poruka, imam problema sa slanjem.[/quote]