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  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Quiet location
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Our description

Victoria Hotel is located in Limenas. It's very easy to find. Take a long street Dimitriadou, 120 meters from the large Hotel Aethria, and on the other side of the street there is Hotel Victoria. In the same row are Pension Versa and Villa Meresi. Upon disembarking from the ferry follow the road to the right and drive along the sea up the main road (about 300 meters), then you'll get to the part where the narrow road leads straight to the Hotel Vournelis and the beach with the same name, follow the main road and tun left, then after about 150 meters you will get to the first intersection (with street Dimitriadou) turn left there, and then after about 600 meters you'll get to you hotel. The hotel has it`s own parking lot, that can be reached through a narrow road between the two buildings.

Hotel is not new, but the owners are taking care of its appearance. It has rooms which are suitable for 2 people, two-bed studios and apartments for 4 people. Each room is equipped with fridge, air-conditioner (using is price included) and a TV. Hotel is near to the center of the town, taverns, restaurants, historical sites and has affordable prices, these are the advantages that this hotel offers to all people.

Owner's description

Budget hotel Victoria is perfectly situated in the center of Limenas, Thassos' capital. Near bars, restaurants and traditional taverns, just 600m from the ferry boats to Keramoti, in Kavala. The beach is within a 15-minute drive. Rooms at Hotel Victoria are air-conditioned and have private bathroom with shower. A fridge and TV are also included, WiFi and buffet breakfast are complimentary.

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Take some time for Palataki and Metalia beach 1
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Take some time for Palataki and Metalia beach

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    Branko11.06.2016 12:33:09

    Interesuje me da ima slobodan termin od 17.07 do 26.07 apartman za dve osobe. Limenas


    Milan M18.09.2015 05:07:28

    Draga, beba i ja smo bili u ovom hotelu od 29.08. do 8.09. Lokacija super, cena odgovara kvalitetu smeštaja, čistoća - svaka čast! Mana: KOMARCI! Umesto 10 dana odmora imao sam 10 dana (noći) nespavanja ljudski bih zaštitio bebu. Kupio sam mreze, elektronske rasterivače ali ništa, otporni su na sve. Da nije bio u pitanju Tasos, drugi dan bih promenio smeštaj. U svakom slučaju, moja preporuka je da se izbegava ovaj hotel, sve dok ne reše problem komaraca, koji postoji (kao čujem od osoblja hotela) otkada postoji i hotel.


    MarijaPetrova27.07.2015 20:24:19

    Poštovani interesuje me dvokrevetni smeštaj od 02.08. do 11.08.2015. u Victoria Hotel?


    auzelac13.07.2015 13:15:49

    Imate li slobodne sobe za dvoje od 15.07 pa do 24.07? Ostali bi oko 7-9 dana.


    MarijaPetrova11.07.2015 15:52:21

    Poštovani interesuje me dvokrevetni smeštaj od 03.08. do 15.08.2015. u ovom hotelu?

    • Dusan11.07.2015 15:55:57

      Postovana, u trazenom terminu je slobodan 2bed room. Ukoliko zzelite da rezervisete, molimo Vas da popunite upit za rezervaciju. Pozdrav


    peki18.06.2015 14:41:55

    postovana, potrebna mi je informacija da li ima mesta u periodu od 21.07,2015. do 03.08.2015. za cetvoroclanu porodicu ( dvoje odraslih i 2 deteta starosti 8 god. i 2 god.) Hvala


    Dejan 109.06.2015 18:13:06

    Poštovana, da li ima slobodnoh dvokrevetnoh studija u ovom hotelu u periodu od 9.8.2015. do 19.08.2015? Hvala

    • Nataša ( 19:30:58

      Postovani, ima mesta. Ukoliko odgovara, molim vas da sto pre popunite upit za rezervaciju na nasem sajtu. Pozdrav


    Aleksandra Negotin24.05.2015 12:06:34

    Postovani, da li imate slobodan studio u periodu 09. 07. - 20. 07. za dve osobe


    Milica18.02.2014 10:38:33

    Postovani, u tom hotelu su u ovom period svi apartmani zauzeti, slobodni su samo 2bed studiji. Mozemo li nesto drugo za vas da proverimo? Pozdrav


    Anoniman17.02.2014 21:39:45

    apartman za dvoje odraslih I dvoje dece 4 I 6 god.polazak od 20.-23.06.2014. ostali bi deset dana