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  • Sea View
  • Disabled facilities
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Quiet location
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Sandy Beach
  • Close to beach
  • Outside the town
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Half Board
  • TV
  • Hair dryer

Our description

Hotel Louloudis is a beautiful, newer four-star complex, located 150-200m from the Pachis beach, some 8 kilometers away from Limenas. Turning towards it, on the right side of the road when coming from Limenas, is clearly marked, and it is easy to find.

The hotel has a reception, a large, beautifully decorated lobby, restaurant, pool, pool bar, beach bar, a large private parking inside the yard and, of course, a lot of units very nicely decorated and well equipped. All accommodation units have sea views.

The hotel offers a total of 40 rooms including 3 suites, 6 boutique rooms and 4 duplex rooms. All are beautifully decorated and furnished with quality furniture.

Three suites have their names (Olive, Sun and Sea), which are in accordance with the color and decoration of the rooms. The suites consist of two rooms (bedroom and living room) and can accommodate two adults and two children.

Pink, Black, Purple, White, Green and Polka are the names of six boutique rooms. You can choose a room in your favorite color.

For lovers of classically decorated hotel rooms Louloudis offers double, four-bed, and superior rooms. In those rooms dominate mostly pastel and pleasant tones. The rooms can have a double bed or single beds.

Duplex rooms consist of two rooms on two levels. To the bedrooms upstairs you can climbe by circular, metal stairs. The first level is a bedroom with king size double bed, and upstairs are two single beds. The duplex rooms can accommodate families with two or three children.

The rooms offer:

  • Sea view terrace or porch
  • air conditioning
  • telephones
  • SAT TV
  • Internet
  • Safe
  • hair dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • coffee maker
  • Cots for babies

The hotel offers:

  • pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • bar by the pool
  • garden
  • beautifully decorated lobby
  • air conditioner
  • SAT TV
  • WiFi
  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • bar
  • exchange office
  • Rent a car
  • wake-up service
  • possibility of renting baby sitters
  • Parking
  • Reception
  • safe
  • conditions for people in wheelchairs

The reception is open from 8:30 to 00:00h, the pool bar from 12:00 to 00:00h, and a la carte restaurant from 12:00 to 23:00h. Breakfast is served from 8:30 to 10:30h, and dinner from 19:30 to 21:00h. For those who initially do not pay for half board, additional charge for dinner, on-site, is 12€ per person.

For those of you who do not know, Pachis beach is long, sandy, with a long shoal, organized, with cafes, restaurants and hotels in the hinterland, with lots of natural shade created by pine trees that grow almost to the entrance into water. This beach is especially loved by families with small children. The area around Pachis beach is full of conifers, and except for the beautiful beaches, it was requested because of a clean and healthy air. In Pachis, except of the described beach and facilities with it, there is no other content, and for shopping, outings and the like you’ll have to go to Skala Rachoni (about 1 to 2km from Pachis) or Limenas (about 8 miles from Pachis). The nearest, and the biggest supermarket in the island, is 2 km from the accommodation, at the exit of Skala Rachoni.

For those who can afford this category of accommodation, this hotel is definitely a very good choice.

Owner's description

Hotel Boutique Louloudis is located in an olive grove at Pachis of Thassos, with luxurious feeling and great aesthetics. It's a hotel that stands for quality services and unique environment. The hotel was built in 2005 and has 40 rooms including 3 suites, 6 boutique rooms and 3 duplex rooms. Louloudis Hotel Boutique at Thassos has a restaurant, pool bar, private parking and is ready to amaze you with comfort and pleasant surroundings.

Louloudis Boutique Hotel at Thassos has 40 rooms that provide modern facilities in guest accommodation. All types of rooms are dominated by minimalism with modern furnishings and decor. Designed for clients looking for an easy-going and exclusive atmosphere where they can relax with their partner or have fun with friends. Elia (olive tree), Helios (sun) and Thalassa (sea) are the names of the three suites. Each suite is decorated according to their name. Hotel boutique Louloudis suites consist of two rooms and can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children (over 14 years old). Pink, Black, Purple, White, Green and Polka dots are the names of the 6 boutique rooms. Choose your favorite color and make it dominant in the room. For lovers of classical decoration hotel Louloudis provides the double, the superior and the quadruple room. Rooms with earthy tones and elegant decor that offer you a comfortable stay. At Louloudis Boutique Hotel there are 3 duplex rooms ideal for hosting an entire family.

At a time where stress and everyday problems dominate and load us with negative energy, exercising a large influence on our health and beauty, there is in Olive& Honey Spa an oasis of relaxation and invigoration. The Olive & Honey Spa in co-operation with its physicians and the expert personnel provides a lot of special care programs for the body and face, so that you can select what suits perfectly your needs. For rest and recovery, hydration, muscle tightening, stress removal. Therefore let yourselves to the expert hands of our specialized personnel, escape from everyday problems and rejuvenate with the power of the mineral spring water.

Louloudis Boutique Hotel is located at Pachis of Thassos among island's capital and Prinos. Thassos accessed by ferry from the port of Kavala and Keramoti. The ferry from Kavala arrives at Skala Prinos and the trip lasts one hour and thirty minutes. From there go by road to the capital of the island and you will find the hotel on your left, just 8km from the port. The trip by ferry from Keramoti is intended for the island's capital and lasts half an hour. From the town head to Skala Prinos and we find the right just 8km from the island of Thassos.

Louloudis Boutique Hotel has a beach bar just 150 meters from the hotel. Relax and enjoy the sea and the sun!

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Glossary of terms

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    Aleksandra02.06.2016 21:14:51

    Postovana Nikana ,da li u hotelu Louloudis primaju tri odrasle osobe i dete od 11 godina? Period boravka bi bio 18.07-30.07. Srdacan pozdrav


    Perke15.07.2015 12:31:05

    Da li ima mesta u double room od 28.07 - 06.09. 2 odrasle osobe, 1 dete od 3 god i beba, da li je dovoljno velika soba za nas i zanima me da li su dorucak i vecera na bazi svedskog stola? Da li dete od 3 god placa ili ne?

    • Nataša ( 12:37:39

      Postovani, ovaj hotel nazalost ima jako cudnu politiku i uopste ne prima decu. Ako zelite, mozemo probati nesto drugo da nadjemo za vas?


    tamara dimitrioski12.06.2015 03:39:49

    Da li ima hotel sopstvenu plazu i da li se naplacuju lezajke i suncobrani? Hvala!

    • Nataša ( 07:59:40

      Postovani, dovoljno je da narucite pice, hotel ima svoj deo plaze sa lezaljkama i suncobranima. Da li zelite da proverimo neki konkretan smestaj za vas? Pozdrav


    Milica23.07.2014 11:58:34

    Postovani, u ovom hotelu ima slobodnih mesta od 30/07. Da li odgovara i taj termin ili da proverimo jos nesto za vas? Pozdrav


    boban savic23.07.2014 10:10:36

    Da li ima mesta za period od 24.07-03.08.2014 imam dvoje dece od 14 i 12 godina , samo sto dete od 14 god. Iteresuje me suite ili duplex . Naravno i kalkulacija cene ako moze za period boravka . Pozdrav


    Nikana05.03.2014 20:23:42

    Postovani, ne primaju decu ni u jednom ni u drugom. Ta nova politika posve cudna vazi od ove godine, tako da je podatak za decji krevetac ostao od prosle godine. Ni nama nije jasno sta se desava prvi put cujemo za tako nesto.


    Anoniman05.03.2014 20:16:17

    Poštovana, zainteresovana sam za apartman u ovom hotelu, dvoje odraslih i dvoje male dece, u prizemlju, na slici su ti apartmani ograđeni panelom jedni od drugih, ali mi sada nije jasno: da li u ovom hotelu (blizu plaže) ne primaju decu mlađu od 14 godina ili u drugom Louloudisu? Gore ste naveli opciju dečiji krevetac na raspolaganju, pa me je sada to zbunilo. Da li ima apartman u prizemlju (ili ako ne, na spratu) u periodu od 30. avgusta do 13, septembra i da li ta cena kao u tabeli obuhvata HB (polupansion), ili samo doručak kao na sajtu hotela? Hvala i veliki pozdrav, Jelena


    Milica21.02.2014 18:45:26

    Postovani, u ovom periodu nema mesta u pomenutom smestaju. Zelite li nesto drugo da proverimo za vas iz nase ponude, ili da vam preporucimo nesto? Pozdrav


    Tamara21.02.2014 18:42:37

    Postovana, Zanima me cena polupansiona u ovom hotelu za period od 20.07. do 30.07. Dvoje odraslih i dete 11 godina. Svidja nam se i Louloudis Hotel, ako ovde nema mesta. Srdacan pozdrav, Tamara


    Nataša ( 14:51:04

    Biljana, verovali ili ne, upravo smo dobili informaciju da su sobe u Louloudis hotelu samo za odrasle. Dakle, uopste nemaju sobe za porodice sa decom i primaju samo decu stariju od 14 godina. Mozda mozemo nesto drugo da proverimo ili preporucimo? pozdrav