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  • Sea View
  • Disabled facilities
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Close to beach
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • TV
  • Hair dryer

Our description

Louloudis Studios is, as the Greeks say, sister accommodation of the hotel Louloudis, it’s owned by the same family and they strive to make similar quality of the accommodation and services. It is situated at the entrance to Pachis, at the left side of the main road when coming from the direction of Limenas (about 8km from the new port in Limenas), a hundred meters from the turnoff for the hotel - villa Natassa.

The distance from the beach is about 300 meters. They are very beautiful, very well maintained, tucked into a large garden, covered with olive trees and flowers, with restaurant, swimming pool, barbecue and lots of parking space within the courtyard and at a substantial expansion on the road, shaded by olive trees.

There are two-bed studios, which are spacious enough to add another bed if needed, one larger studio for 3-4 people (double bed plus a sofa that opens into a double bed) and one suite with living room and bedroom room, designed for multiple people.

All accommodation units are equipped with kitchen, air conditioning, TV, safe, and have wireless internet connection. In all of those are separate bathrooms with a shower tub. The balconies are spacious, with comfortable chairs for sitting, facing the garden and the sea. Mosquito nets are provided only within accommodation units on the ground floor, while upstairs there aren’t.

In 2012 total replacement of furniture is done, to make the look of accommodation units even more similar to those units in the sister hotel Louloudis.

Cleaning is done daily.

Guests, in addition to overnight stays, may also pay for breakfast for the price of 5 € per person. Also, for lunch or dinner something can be ordered from a restaurant menu, which is located in the backyard, next to the pool. And if you want to pay half board, may do so at Louloudis hotel, which is located some 200 to 300 meters below, across the road, closer to the beach.

The owner is a nice, old lady, an intellectual, who speaks good English.

For those of you who do not know, Pachis beach is long, sandy, with a long shoal, organized, with cafes, restaurants and hotels in the hinterland, with lots of natural shade created by pine trees that grow almost to the entrance into water. This beach is especially loved by families with small children. In Pachis, except of the described beach and facilities with it, there is no other content, and for shoppings, outings and the like you’ll have to go to Skala Rachoni (about 1 to 2km from Pachis) or Limenas (about 8 miles from Pachis). The nearest, and the biggest supermarket in the island, is 2km from the accommodation, at the exit of Skala Rachoni.

Due to the proximity of the popular Pachis beach, good condition of the building, furnished units, beautiful garden, swimming pool, ample parking spaces, a fantastic sea view from every point in the house and the yard, this accommodation is a very good choice.

Owner's description

In perfect harmony with the magnificent scenery of olive groves, the fully renovated hotel, Louloudis Fresh stands with its own identity. Louloudis Fresh is a new Boutique Hotel, completely renovated in 2012 and has 18 different rooms. The intimate environment of the rooms with distinctive modern amenities, stylish decor and impressive aesthetics of the interior, creates a unique Boutique Hotel. Louloudis Fresh philosophy is the comfortable accommodation, the relaxation and the tranquility.

The renovation of Louloudis Fresh was completed in 2012 and includes the redesign of 18 different rooms in order to welcome guests in a fresh and pleasant environment. Designed for clients looking for an easy-going and exclusive atmosphere where they can relax with their partner or have fun with friends.

Suites open-label, individually decorated and offer a stunning beauty unparalleled stay. The Elegant rooms at Louloudis Fresh in Thassos, are characterized by earthy tones and elegant style of space. Barok lights, hidden lighting and upholstery give the correct style of an Elegant room. Room size: 20m² The modern interior design of Fresh Rooms harmonized with bold hues and special aesthetic stimulate the senses of the visitor. Room size: 20m²

Louloudis Beach is just 700m from Louloudis Fresh. You can enjoy the sun, the sea and relax at the beach bar.

At a time where stress and everyday problems dominate and load us with negative energy, exercising a large influence on our health and beauty, there is in Olive & Honey Spa an oasis of relaxation and invigoration. The Olive & Honey Spa in co-operation with its physicians and the expert personnel provides a lot of special care programs for the body and face, so that you can select what suits perfectly your needs. For rest and recovery, hydration, muscle tightening, stress removal. Therefore let yourselves to the expert hands of our specialized personnel, escape from everyday problems and rejuvenate with the power of the mineral spring water. Give a gift of wellness and rejuvenation with a Spa Gift Certificate! If you wish to offer a rejuvenation experience to your beloved persons, buy a Spa Gift Certificate, in different packages and make your beloved persons feel something completely different. An original idea for a gift, for an unforgettable experience at the Olive & Honey Spa in Louloudis Boutique Hotel.

Louloudis Boutique Hotel is located at Pachis of Thassos among island's capital and Prinos. Thassos accessed by ferry from the port of Kavala and Keramoti. The ferry from Kavala arrives at Skala Prinos and the trip lasts one hour and thirty minutes. From there go by road to the capital of the island and you will find the hotel on your left, just 8km from the port. The trip by ferry from Keramoti is intended for the island`s capital and lasts half an hour. From the town head to Skala Prinos and we find the right just 8km from the island of Thassos.

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Glossary of terms

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    Marija Djordjevic21.02.2017 14:01:39

    Postovani, Interesuje me studio u prizemlju,dvoje odraslih i dvoje dece,8god i 4 god,u periodu od 13.06. do 23.06.2017. Molim Vas,da mi objasnite,kada odmah kliknem na rezervaciju ovog smestaja odmah mi izbaci cenu HB polupansiona,sto mi i odgovara,ali mi nije jasno ovde u opisu stoji da se polupansion organizuje u sestrinskom hotelu Louloudis? Hvala!


    Ivana28.03.2016 00:17:45

    Postovani, interesuje me da li ima slobodnih soba u terminu od 04.08. Za cetvoroclanu porodicu (dvoje dece 5 I 3) I koja bi cena smestaja bila.


    Nataša ( 14:25:56

    Postovani,ni ovde nema mesta :( Napisite anm koji jos smestaji dolaze u obzir. Da li da pogledamo nesto na jugu ostrva? Pozdrav


    Anoniman19.08.2014 14:17:39

    Postovana, da li ima slobodan studio za 2 osobe i bebu od 10 meseci u periodu 29./30.8.-7./8.9.?Datumi nam nisu fiksni, imamo svoj krevetic za bebu.Jel moze samo smestaj ili mora polupansion i koja bi cena bila?Hvala unapred!


    Nataša ( 20:27:36

    Nazalost nema mesta u ovom periodu. Svi tipovi soba su zauzeti. Da li vam je jos neki smestaj interesantan ili da mi nesto preporucimo? pozdrav


    Ina13.06.2012 11:58:48

    Postovana Nikiana, Koliko je najam cetvorokrevetnog apartmana za 4 odrasle osobe i 2 dece od 2 i 6 godina u periodu od 29 jula do 18 avgusta. Potreban i krevetac za decu. Puno pozdrava Ivana


    anja28.04.2012 19:55:49

    Postovana NikAna, interesuje me cena studia za tri odrasle osobe u periodu od 14.07-28.07


    sekula19.04.2012 18:45:31

    trokrevetni studio od 5 jula koja je cena


    SVETLANA 7519.04.2012 09:17:45



    aleksandra12.04.2012 07:28:40

    Interesuje me cena cetvorokrevetnih studija u julu?