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  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Our description

Villa Nula`s Apartments is situated in Potos, at some 300 meters from the central junction towards Teologos, on the left side of the road when coming from the direction of the center (the second house from the villa Dusseldorf, right across from the villa Athina, which are also available on this site), and about 450 meters from the beach. Its location is quite good considering that you need 5 to 10 minute walk to all amenities needed on a summer holiday, and yet you are displaced from the center, so there is no hustle and bustle.

The villa has enough parking spaces within its front yard, which is not common for objects in Potos. Of course, the parking areas are also along the street, next to the villa or across the road, since it is 400 meters away from the center.

This is modest, but fairly maintained facility, which at first glance, because of unfinished floor, does not leave a good impression.

Guests have access to two four-bed apartments and 2 double rooms (with fridge) with the possibility of using a shared kitchen. All accommodation units are on the first floor. One apartment and one bedroom are overlooking the parking lot of the villa and the street, while another apartment and second bedroom are facing the rear of the villa, other homes, olive groves and hills.

Each apartment has a hallway, separate kitchen with fridge, bathroom with shower and two bedrooms with two attached single beds and access to a long, sizable balcony from each room. Air conditioning, ceiling fan and TV are in each room of the apartment. Furniture, equipment, kitchen, bathroom equipment are of standard suite quality. Nothing luxurious, but decent and clean and the rooms are spacious enough.

The double rooms at the entrance have a small hall. Then by a door to the left or to the right is bathroom, and straight leads into a medium size room with two single beds joined, the other necessary furniture, refrigerator, air conditioning, ceiling fan, TV and entrance/exit to the spacious balcony. One of the two rooms offered is a little higher, and in it, if necessary, can fit a third bed (extra bed). Furniture, equipment, kitchen, bathroom with are here also of medium quality, like in a typical apartment. Shared kitchen (for two rooms), standard equipped, with a large fridge with freezer compartment, is in the corridor and may be used by all guests, especially those who do not have a kitchen inside their units.

Towels and linen are available. Those are changed once or twice during a shift, it all depends on the length of your stay. Cleaning is also done regularly.

The front yard, within which is the parking, is decently maintained, paved, with a bit of greenery and flowers. The back yard of the building is not sufficiently settled for sitting, enjoying and children playing.

Ground floor of the villa is not in use (there is a large room, closed and glazed on all sides, but incomplete), so there is a outdoor grill that guests can use. Personally, that space does not look appealing, but perhaps someone for the sake of a good barbecue the environment is not important.

The owners, an older married couple, speak good English. They are living in Limenaria, and coming here only when needed.

If you want clean accommodation in Potos, Nula apartments can be a good choice, since they don’t cost much.

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Prijatno iznenadjeni


Dosta bolje nego sto smo ocekivali, lepse nego na slikama. Dobra lokacija, dovoljno udaljena od seljane, a ipak dovoljno blizu. Dupleks apartman je imao ogromnu terasu, izuzetno cisto i uredno, dobar internet, svaka preporuka

lokacija, urednost



Odlican smestaj


Odusevljeni smo smestajem, blizu je centra i plaze, najljubazniji domacini, cistoca na najvecem nivou, odlicna terasa.



Odlican smestaj


Odusevljeni smo cistocom smestaja i ljubaznoscu vlasnika. Sve samo najlepse!



No Title


Dobra lokacija,smestaj ima sve potrebno,terasa je prostrana a to je nama bilo najbitnije. Kreveti udobni,posteljina cista. Jedina mana je sto je slabiji pritisak na tusu. Sve u svemu, jako dobar odnos cene i kvaliteta! Toplo preporucujemo





Bili smo u krajem jula 7 dana. Već drugi dan smo se morali vraćati sa plaže paradise beach koja je udaljena oko 30 km, jer me je gazdarica zvala i rekla da treba da pređemo u drugu sobu. Tako da mi je prvi dan odmora već propao. Peškire ne menjaju uopšte, posteljinu jednom sedmično. Parking imaju za 3 auta, a četiri sobe, tako da je uvek jedan auto bio na ulici. Sobe koje gledaju na maslinjake su u redu, a ove sa pogledom na ulicu su katastrofa, jer se ne može spavati od auta i galame celu noć. Sve u svemu za te pare i ne možete očekivati bolje.



Čisto, uredno, mirno


Sredinom avgusta 2014 sa još 4 osobe - dva para. Smeštaj je korektan- dovoljno velik, čist, uredan, velika terasa, upotreba klime, tv- a, uvek ima tople vode, na 5 dana se menja posteljina, peškiri... Gazdarica je, takođe, ljubazna, prijatna...... U dvorištu ima mesta za parkiranje nekoliko automobila. Smeštaj je blizu centra, a samim tim i plaže, jer Potos i nije preterano velik :). Sve u svemu - izuzetno smo zadovoljni i smeštajem, a i samim Tasosom :)

Mirna lokacija, velika terasa, parking mesto...
Mala kuhinja, Moglo bi dva puta u toku smene da se menja posteljina, peškiri i da se prebriše apartman i izbaci smeće.
Take some time for Palataki and Metalia beach 1
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Take some time for Palataki and Metalia beach

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Monastery of St. Archangel Michael and the Holy Nail

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Giola Natural Swimming Pool 1

Giola Natural Swimming Pool

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Maries Lake 1

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    Da li imate smeštaj (studio) od 03.09. do 10.09.2016 i koja je cena?


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    Da li ima slobodnih dvokrevetnoh soba od 30.08? Hvala!


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    Da li imate slobodan apartman za porodicu dvoje odraslih i troje dece (13,14,17 godina) sa počev od 17.07. (10 noći) . Početak perioda moze biti do 20. 7.


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    Da li imate slobodan dvokrevetni apartman u periodu od 23.07 -30.07.2016 ?


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    Postovani, Da li sobe za dvoje imaju zasebno kupatilo?


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    19.-30. avgust 2015. francuski lezaj, za 2 odrasle osobe. u vasem odgovoru na moj mail navedite kompletne podatke: lokacija na googlemaps-u nekoliko fotografija unutrasnjosti prostorija udaljenost od plaze cena po danu (sta ulazi u cenu) da li je BO ili BB ili HB? (pozeljno je HB ili BB ) mogucnost wi-fi adresa i broj telefona za kontakt po dolasku ostali neophodni podaci za goste. hvala i pozdrav


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    Da li imate slobodne sobe za dvoje od srede 15.07 do 24.07? 7-9 dana bi ostali.


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