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  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Pets welcome
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • Close to beach
  • TV
  • Hair dryer

Our description

Eleana Hotel is located in Skala Prinos, Dasilio area.

Dasilio is located 1,5km to the right relative to the port in Skala Prinos. Eleana Villa is situated on the second row from the sea, before Artemis Beach Hotel. From the beach is located at about a half minute walk (150m).

The hotel is new and has 10 double rooms, four of which can accommodate extra bed.

The rooms are decent sized (around 15m2), classic, small hotel rooms with no kitchen, with hotel refrigerator (mini bar), air conditioning, TV, balcony and bathroom.

Furniture is new.

Cleaning is done daily, bed linen replacement is done at 3-4 days and replacing of towels at 2 days.

Hotel Eleana has a nicely done yard in front of and behind the house. Back yard is very cute, with a kiosk and seating to enjoy in shade and with well-maintained lawn.

Owner of the hotel has loungers on the beach, those do not charge extra, but it is advisable to order a coffee or a refreshing beverage.

Public parking is situated across the road.

The beach is mostly sandy and rocky parts have paths for passage to sand. The beach is wide, with natural shade (from olives), and no crowds and congestion.

Eleani Hotel is the ideal choice for those who especially want peace and to be near a beach.

Dasilio is an excellent choice if you want accommodation on the beach or at a minute from the beach at a slightly lower price than you would get for same in larger towns, a much better choice if you want a real vacation, conifer scent combined with the smell of the sea.

Skala Prinos is at few minutes walk from Dasilio and in it there are a variety of restaurants and shops, while in Dasilio is a small supermarket on the beach and several bars. However, when you want a real promenade full of people, large selection of shops and restaurants and entertainment, you need a 15-minute drive to the capital of the island, Limenas, which offers more diverse content for tourists.

Owner's description

Hotel Eleani is located on Thassos Island, Northern Greece, in the Skala Prinos village, a place full of trees and birds, 1km from Prinos ferry boat harbor.

All rooms are with: sea view, air-condition, refrigerator, TV, A/C and private bath with warm water, just 30 meters from the sea. With also: car parking, garden, and breakfast on demand.

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    Nataša ( 19:23:06

    Postovani, samo je moguc dorucak u ovom hotelu. Cene na sajtu su samo za nocenje a za dorucak koji svedski sto se doplacuje 5e po danu. Koji termin vas interesuje? Pozdrav


    Bojan Delibasic10.08.2014 14:46:09

    Postovani, Interesuje me da li je ova cena za sobu sa dva polupansiona, gde se nalazi restoran za dorucak I veceru I da li je za veceru "svedski sto" ili meni. Pozdrav, Bojan.