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  • Sea View
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • TV

Our description

Periklis Studios are located in Dasilio, at 1,5km from the port in Skala Prinos.

They are located on the beach, across from Artemis Beach hotel.

This is a small, lovable building, surrounded by greenery. Yard of the villa Periklis outputs directly to the beach.

There are a total of four studies, two of which are on the high ground floor and two on the ground floor itself, there are no stairs which is ideal for families with small children.

The studios are equipped with older furniture.

One of the studios on the high ground floor is a two-bed studio and it has two single beds. If necessary, you can add an extra bed. The kitchen is separated from the sleeping area. The second studio on the high ground floor has two single beds and a couch bed in which can sleep two children and this is identical to a studio in the ground level. The other studio on the ground level has three single beds.

Studios on the ground level have a large veranda with sitting furniture in the yard and in front and in behind of the studios. All studios have fully equipped kitchen, TV with local channels, air conditioning, kitchen, bathroom and balcony.

As I mentioned, the house is situated next to the sea. To get to the beach one does not have to cross a road, but comes directly from the yard to it.

Deck chairs on the beach are also owned by the villa and they are free for guests of Studios Periklis. The beach is mostly sandy, and beside of the part belonging to the villa Periklis, there is very well arranged part of the beach that belongs to Artemis Beach Hotel with lots of toys for children, water polo goals in water and various other games, social, sports and entertainment, organized barbecue on the beach and the like.

The terraces are very spacious and look towards the sea.

On the front is a porch with sitting furniture, so you can shelter from the sun during a day if you spend much time on the terrace.

If you like small, modest, intimate objects as your base during the summer, on the beach without crowds, in a shade, then the villa Periklis is an excellent choice.

Besides the good location, you’ll get free sun beds, a lot of peace, a large garden for barbecue and garden furniture, private parking in the fenced yard and lots of shade and pine scents.

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    ns28.06.2016 22:54:45

    Postovane,da li imate smestaj za dvoje odraslih i dvoje male dece(moze onaj krevet na razvlacenje +normalna dva jer su deca 4 i 5 god.)u periodu od 08.08 pa 10 noci ?i da li ima neki market u blizini i da li se mogu korsititi rekviziti deciji od artemidis hotela..i kakva je plaza ua decu? hvala


    Nikola20.04.2016 15:46:35

    Pozdrav, Da li imate slobodan studio za dvoje odraslih i jednog cetvorogodisnjaka u prizemlju u periodu od 13.8 do 25.8. (12 nocenja) S postovanjem, Nikola


    Jelena18.03.2016 10:58:24

    Imate li slobodnog smestaja u prizemlju. Poslednja nedelja juna pa 15 dana?


    marija metikos07.03.2016 13:19:02



    mihailo kocovic17.02.2016 19:55:57

    ima li slobodnih apartmana od 1 do 9 septembra za dvoje odraslih i dvoje male dece?


    DjordjeEster03.07.2015 09:56:44

    Postovani, Interesu je me da li ima slobodnog termina od 27.08. do 05.09.2015. dve odrasle osobe i jedno dete 3.5 god. Unapred zahvalan Srdacan pozdrav

    • Nataša ( 09:58:36

      Postovani, za sada ima mesta. Ako odgovara, mozete popuniti upit za rezervaciju na nasem sajtu. Pozdrav


    SaskaSaska02.06.2015 18:19:08

    Postovani, Da li ima terimin pocetkom jula (prva polovina meseca ), dvokrevetni studio? Dvoje odraslih i dete 2,5 god? Hvala unapred, Aleksandra

    • Nevena03.06.2015 08:35:40

      Postovani, odgovor smo Vam poslali na mail. Pozdrav


    Milica13.07.2014 11:59:33

    Postovani, nazalost nema mesta u ovom terminu, slobodno je samo od 18/08-28/08. Da li i taj termin mozda odgovara? Srdacan pozdrav


    Anonymous13.07.2014 09:33:17

    Postovani, da li imate slobodan apartman/studio sa tri ili cetri kreveta od 5.8.-14.8


    Milica16.06.2014 15:46:06

    Respected, in this accommodation there is no free studios for 3 nights. Can we check something else?