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  • Sea View
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Restaurant onsite
  • Quiet location
  • Air conditioner
  • Safe available
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Owner's description

Athina Resort is located in Asprovalta, built in a critical position as it is the entrance of Mount Athos, near the exit of the highway Kavala - Thessaloniki, 20km from the hill Kastas - the hill with the largest archaeological interest of modern times - 27 kilometers from the birthplace of Aristotle Stagira and his grave, just 70 minutes from Macedonia airport and just 250 meters from the beach of Asprovalta.

The 16 rooms in Athina Resort Asprovalta are ideal holiday suggestion for families and couples as well as couples, and offers air conditioning, a short distance from the sea, quiet environment, playground, breakfast and small restaurant sufficient to meet your basic needs.

The large courtyard in front of the building with large trees and tables, are ideal for children for their afternoon activities and the snacks.

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    Blagica20.11.2017 09:33:24

    Hello. how many would be for two adults and one child of 3 years for the period from July 2 to July 12 half board? Does the child have an accessory bed or sleep with us in bed? Thank you


    Branko26.06.2017 20:36:10

    Postovani, Zainterosovani smo za period od 15.07-24.07. Da li postoji mogucnost doplate za rucak-veceru i po kojoj ceni? NA koji nacin se vrsi placanje /koji deo cenese placa prilikom rezervacije i do kada se uplacuje ostatak? STa se dogadja u slucaju otkaza rezervacije,koji procenat od cene aranzmana se placa? Unapred hvala.


    Mirjana13.01.2017 08:59:57

    Poštovani molim vas da mi kažete da li je to po osobi 50 evra ili je to smeštaj bez obzira koliko osoba ide. Da pojasnim u pitanju je porodica suprug i ja sa troje dece od 14,9 i 6 godina starosti. Interesuje me da li je to po danu ili po osobi i imate li nešto povoljno za nas. Unapred se zahvaljujem. S poštovanjem, Mirjana


    Nikola30.07.2016 13:41:40

    Da li je u ceni dorucak? Da li imate apartmane sa dve odvojene sobe? I koja je cena? Hvala unapredx