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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • On the beach
  • Internet access
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV

Our description

Melahrini villa is located on the beach in Nea Vrasna. It`s a great facility that has several different types of studios and apartments (three-bed and four-bed studios, 2 five-bed apartments and one four-bed...)

All studios and apartments have satellite TV, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, air-conditioning, signal for wireless internet and a beautiful terrace with comfortable seating and a view of the sea (only two studios and one apartment have sea view).

On the ground floor (4 steps below the yard level), there are five studios, two-bedded, three-bedded and four-bedded. These studios have a little older furniture in relation to the studios that are on the 1st floor, but have the direct access to the courtyard. In front of the entrance to the studio, there`s a seating for sitting and enjoyment.

On the first and second floor, there are also studios that have two, three or four beds, but in contrast to the studios on the ground floor that have classic wooden furniture, they have something newer and are more modern.

In the top floor of the villa, there are two very good and very spacious apartments that have two completely separated bedrooms and another, third room, where the kitchen and dining room are located. One of these apartments has a view of the sea, while the other doesn't. These apartments are duplex apartments and are suitable for two couples or for four adults and two kids.

The beds in this villa can be single, double middle sized or somewhat smaller, bunk beds, sofa beds.

Bed sheet and towel change is being carried out on every 5 days, you don`t get towels in the building, and guests take care of the hygiene themselves.

There`s a decorated beach in front of the villa, where you can get a coffee or a drink, as well as free deck chairs and parasol. The villa has a smaller yard with a lawn and a barbecue that guests can use.

The villa doesn't have a private parking, but there`s enough room for parking around it.

If you want a decent accommodation, near the beach and the center of the city, near the amenities, then Melachrini villa can be a good choice.

Owner's description

Melachrini Apartments is a family business with tradition in hospitality. It offers to the guests facilities so that their stay is comfortable, pleasant and safe from their arrival at reception until their departure. On our organized beach with a lifeguard guests can find loads of water sports for all ages. The prices of our apartments are stable and reasonable throughout the summer period.

Every apartment is equipped with satellite TV and 24 hour internet connection. All the balconies overlook the spectacular view of the sea in the Strymonikos bay. Our friendly smile and love for our job will seal a special place in your heart during your stay at Melachrini`s apartments. Melachrini apartments offers different types of rooms according to the needs and wishes of the guests in order to accommodate facilities with children but also groups.

Melachrini Apartments offers different types of rooms according to the needs and wishes of the guests in order to accommodate facilities with children but also groups.

The fourteen apartments, triple and quadruple rooms, the two suites with five beds and one quadruple suite are fully equipped with all modern facilities: Air conditioning, small equipped kitchen, fridge, internet services, satellite TV, bath or shower, bathroom amenities. The two unique suites at the roof have a small lounge attic and lots of comforts. All the apartments have beautiful spacious balconies with tables and chairs so the guests have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the spectacular view and the blue sea. There is also a large and safe patio garden area where children can play while parents can enjoy their coffee or refreshments. Each apartment has its own personality and is tastefully decorated with vibrant colors. In addition all the rooms are thoroughly cleaned regularly. Melachrini Apartments is a family business with tradition in hospitality. Therefore, we are always willing and available to help at your request.


  • 24 hours internet
  • Organized beach
  • Balcony with view
  • Private garden
  • Barbecue

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Sve pohvale za smestaj, gazde izuzetno prijatne, spremni da izadju u susret i pomognu, divni ljudi! Naoružajte se rajdom i autanom i na put :)

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    goran18.05.2017 10:54:02

    postovanje interesuje me u kuci melachrini u periodu 26.06-05.07 dali su slobodna dva dupleksa u potkrovlju i koliko bi to kostalo pozdrav


    Ivana30.03.2017 13:29:10

    Molim Vas da mi odgovorite da li je izdat apartman u ovom periodu od 21.6-1.7 i cena? Ili postoji neki drugi za bracni par sa jednim detetom.Unapred zahvalna.


    Ljiljana 27.03.2017 19:31:39

    Dali imate slobodan termin od 15.07 - 31.07 za dvoje odraslih i dvoje dece (6 i 7 god) I koja je cena


    Draga stankovic28.02.2017 12:52:27

    Da li image trokrevetni apartman za period od 03.07. Za 15-20 Dana, I koje bi bila cena?


    Mirjana28.02.2017 12:04:26

    Postovanje,dali imate jedan dvokrevetni studio za dve odrasle osobe i bebu za koju bi nam trebao krevetac ili u krajnjem slucaju trokrevetni studio od 4 do 14 juna 2017?


    Danijela17.12.2016 22:59:59

    Poštovani, Interesuje me da li imate slobodna 2 cetrvorokrevetna studjia u periodu od 4. jula do 14 jula 2017. godine i cena? Unapred hvala


    Svetlana 28.08.2016 00:01:57

    Postovani, da li imate slobodnih mesta za dvokrevetni studio, polazak bilo koji dan do 2 septembra a boravak 10 dana. I da li imate bilo gde na halkidikiju slobodnih mesta. Hvala unapred. Srdacan pozdrav, Svetlana


    Jelena06.08.2016 01:51:31

    Postovani, interesuje nas cena cetvorokrevetnog apartmana ili studija od 4. septembra za 8 do 10 nocenja. S postovanjem, Jelena


    Marija Vicentijevic06.08.2016 00:37:37

    Molim vas da mi odgovorite dali imate slobodni studio ili apartman od 07 ili 08 avgusta za 3 osoba (2 odrasli i 1 dete od 14 godina) za 7 do 9 noci noci. Koja je cena i kakve uslove pruzate (TV, klima, internet, kuhinja...). Molim vas da mi sto brze odgovorite. Unapred hvala! Please reply me whether you have a free studio or apartment of 07 or 08 August to 3 people (2 adults and 1 children aged 14 years) for 7 to 9 nights. What is the price and what conditions provides (TV, air conditioning, internet, kitchen ...). Please reply me as fast. Thank you in advance!


    Bojan Brkic04.08.2016 08:40:14

    Da li se smestaj placa po sobi/apartmanu ili ima veze broj osoba? Vidim da se na sajtu nisu uvek menjale cene kad promenim broj osoba. Tj. ako uplatimo cetverokrevetnu sobu ima li veze da li smo dvoje ili troje?

    • Bojan Brkic04.08.2016 08:48:59

      Sad sam video da je po smestajnoj jedinici a ne po osobi, sorry.