We wrote that the New Year’s Eve in Greece is not that important as in our country (Serbia), and traditionally, they are waiting for midnight with their families.

Usually it is not necessary to make a reservation in advance in cafes and restaurants, but it is recommended to arrive before midnight while there are emptu seats still.

Concerts and fireworks are organized in large cities because of the big number of visitors and tourists.

In Thessaloniki, as always, a large firework will be organized at midnight, and throughout the day, visitors can take part in various workshops in small houses that are placed on the square. There is also a Santa Claus house where the youngest visitors can take a photo with Santa. During the day, music will be played on the speakers, and in the evening from 20h, the concert of the band Batala Solonika begins.

From 21:00 to 23:00, the DJ Party should keep the visitors warm until the concert of the popular band Imam Baildi from 23:00 to 1:00 after midnight.

A minute before midnight near the square, a huge fireworks will be released from the sea, which will reach the height of 250m at the very beginning, and later 120m.

The spectacular fireworks will last 10 minutes and it will have 5,000 explosions.

This rain of fireworks should light up the entire sky above Thessaloniki, so the fireworks will be visible from all parts of the city.

City authorities hope the announced spectacle will attract a big number of pople from Thessaloniki, but also foreigners.