Every year before the season starts in Greece, stories start buzzing, some in the media, some in social media how all the prices in Greece are gone up. This year, more than ever, the story is going through all the media, as the price hikes have not only affected Greece but the whole world.

Prices of some things have really gone up, but in the same level with the global pace. We believe that holidays can still be organised in Greece without some big budgets. There are supermarkets close to many resorts, frequent discounts, and there are markets and more affordable restaurants and fast food places.

Almost all of the accommodation facilities we have on offer have a kitchen included, so if you want to save or fit into a budget our advice is to supply in the markets and prepare the food in accommodation. Not only food, you can take with you transport mugs and bring coffee to the beach or drink your coffee in the morning on the balcony of your accommodation, and search for a part of the beach where you can freely put your umbrella and towel without paying for sunbeds.

You can always find a way to save money, and you will certainly organize your budget and preferences. We share some of the prices in Greece with you, and in the summer we will be reporting to you from the scene.

If you didn’t book your holidays yet, these are the accommodation in Greece that we have on offer on our site.

Fruit and vegetable prices change during the season, as everywhere else in the world, so at the beginning of the season it is the most expensive, after the price drops and again it goes up at the end of the season.