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International Lighthouse Day

An international lighthouse day is a worldwide event celebrated on the August 19 each year, even in Greece. For this occasion, 27 lighthouses in different destinations in Greece will be open to visitors between 10am and 8pm. If you are willing to visit one of these, here is a list of some, placed close to the most popular spots our guests choose for their vacation (all are marked on...

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Paradise near Nei Pori

Every summer, a large number of Serbian tourists ride on vacation across the beautiful Greek beaches and mostly finish their journey in the northern part of Greece which is closest to us, some 150 to 200 kilometers from Evzoni, on Chalkidiki or in the Olympic region or on the nearest island, Thassos. The rest goes a little longer, reaching Parga, Corfu and Lefkada, and the bravest ones go to...

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Funny article about Serbian tourists

Here's how a tourist divided Serbian tourists into groups. The division was made based on comments in the Facebook group Live from Greece. The division caused hundreds and hundreds of comments, and it was also published in some dailies. The author of the division, Andrija Ristic, wrote that he belongs to the group Thassos. "By reading posts and comments, I find that our tourists, according to the criterion of stagnation...

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Record In Greece

For the last three years the number of tourists in Greece has increased by 2 million per year. Last year it was visited by 30 million, and this year it was expected to be visited by 32 million tourists. It is a great success for the country that was before bankruptcy and exit from the EU. Many doubted that Greece will reach the projected 32 million this year, but it seems is's...

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Chalkidiki - 40 years ago

Chalkidiki has always been an unique escape to Thessalonians during summer vacations. Thessalonians could not afford the luxury of "running" to the islands, since the islands nearby do not exist, as there is no good ship transport in order to reach them, so the city realized its summer dreams from the sixties on two fingers of Chalkidiki. At that time, these two fingers, if were not covered with swamps,...

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Greek Baptism Traditions

Text and photos: Katarina Mihalakopoulis Greek baptism in the Christian Orthodox Church is an important event in the life of any family. Greek culture is full of different traditions. Each region in Greece has its own traditions that uniquely separate it from the rest of the country. Below you will find what is the same in whole Greece when the baptism is about. For baptism, the godfather must be an Orthodox...

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The Old Panteleimon Village

Text: Predrag Dimitrijevic Photos: Predrag Dimitrijevic Tonight we climbed 700 meters above sea level to feel the true traditional Greece in the 15th-century pastoral village, the Old Panteleimon. This village was submerged under the peaks of the powerful Olympus and in 2003 it was declared a national heritage. Stone houses, cobbled streets, platan protected by law, stone church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, and many shops and taverns that surround it give this...

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Author: Predrag Dimitrijević When you enter Greece, fifteen kilometers from Evzoni, you probably have noticed a church on the top of a hill and a monument below. Many Serbian tourists are just rushing to the sea and they are not thinking what is there. And what is it about ... It is a memorial complex for the victims of the First World War, and this complex is made of a monument...