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Nea Moudania and Nea Flogita

We use the summertime to visit as much as possible destinations we have in offer. In this way we get to know each and every one of them, and we can provide our guests with better and more reliable information. We consider our job the tour of destinations. We do not visit some new places, new islands in order to enjoy them, but the only those we offer to our...

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Why you should not kill jellyfishes

Author of the text: Marko Trivunčević Photos by Marko Trivunčević The holiday season and holidays have begun and a large number of our fellow citizens go to Greek resorts. In addition to the beautiful sea, nature, culture and good hosts, it's possible that some of you will experience an inconvenience in the form of a yellowish-white jellyfish floating in shallow waters. You may be tempted to take it out and leave...

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Baptism in Greece

Author: Ivana Stanojevic For organizing the sacrament of Baptism in Greece, it is necessary to provide the documents below: -The birth certificate of the child, the translated one and certified with the Apostille Stamp. -A certified photocopy of the child's passport that is possible to get in Greece at the local KEP service, because those are international documents, they should not be translated and this service is free. -Certificates of baptism of...

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Real Estate Greece

Author: Ivana Stankovic Residence and work permits in Greece can be based on marriage, coexistence agreements, studies, family reunion and exceptional reasons (sports, science etc, which barely exists). Also, those who already had residence permits based on elements that no longer exist (for example, divorce), and were employed at that moment, can extend their work license, but it is necessary to prove that they have at least 100 workdays per...


Incomes in Greece

Author: Ivana Stanojevic When we compare income in Serbia and Greece, salaries are plus-minus three times bigger in all sectors. In the last year, some salaries dropped to 500e, (what is really tragic, but there is no lot of people with this salary). This is mainly in supermarkets where cashier works for 4 or 6 hours and that is why they are paid that much. Statutory minimum wage is slightly...

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Pythagorean cup

Pythagoras was a famous ancient philosopher and mathematician. He was from the island of Samos. We all know about Pythagoras' theorem, and have you heard about Pythagorean cup? "The Pythagorean cup is a special cup with a bulge on its bottom, which is also called a "cup of moderation". The glass allows the wine to be drunk in moderate quantities, and Pythagoras invented it for his students. If the...

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Mesta, a medieval castle-village on Chios

The island of Hios has been mentioned several times and it is truly unique in Greece and the world. Among other things, there is a medieval village on the island, called Mesta. It was built by the Venetians, and numerous narrow, blind alleyways like mazes used to serve to mislead and confuse pirates. In these streets there are the houses of the inhabitants, which are also connected to each...