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Every year more and more tourists who travel to the Ionian coast cross the Niki border instead of Evzoni. During the season there is usually no crowd; the road is not so good, but very interesting! Whether you are crossing this border at your arrival or departure, if you have some time, do not miss to visit Ohrid, Edessa, the monastery of St. Naum, the springs of Black Drim and...

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Swimming marathon

A swimming marathon, organized every year between Kassandra and Sithonia is the most famous annual event in Chalkidiki and probably the biggest sport event in these parts of Greece. This marathon is one of the hardest and most demanding in Greece, but also the most impressive. This is an event with a long tradition, so this year will be 48th marathon in a row. This year (2018), the competition...

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Peaches of Veria

Every year in March, thousands of flowering peach trees around Veria resemble a pink sea. These scenes are springtime news in Greece, and hiking and biking tours are organized in this region. Villages around Veria have their own small tourist season in March. Veria is located about 70km from Thessaloniki, on the road to Kozani, whih is 55km away. If you travel to the Ionian coast over Bitola and the Greek border...

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One new toll booth was planned to be set in Egnatia Odos, nearby Asprovalta. In April started the construction of one more on the way Thessaloniki - Seres - Promahonas, so the travellers from Bulgaria to Greece will have some extra costs in the future. The third toll road will be set on the road Thessaloniki Oreokastro, and will wait all tourists who take a detour around Thessaloniki to the Chalkidiki...

greek sweets

Greek sweets

Not many people can resist the richness of the taste and variety of Greek sweets. Except for all the famous treats that are covered with sugar syrup (baklava, kadaif ...), there are many others. Here are a few of the most famous: 1. Portocalopita – a phyllo cake with orange flavor covered with sugar syrup. The most famous portocalopita is prepared on Crete. 2. Kurabiedes – a traditional Christmas cake. It’s similar to...

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Tsoureki is either liked or loved. Greeks serve it with coffee. Tsoureki is Greek sweet bread. Traditionally, it is prepared for Easter, but you can eat it throughout the year in pastry shops. The basic shape is braided, and if it is prepared for Easter, then a red egg is placed in the middle. If you find yourself in Thessaloniki, make sure to try the tsoureki from the pastry shop Terkenlis. This...

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Kerkini Lake

If you decide to travel to Greece through Bulgaria, and we wrote about that here you can stay overnight in Bansko. It's a nice place with a great selection of hotels. The second suggestion is a small place Agistro, immediately after entering Greece (ten minutes drive from the Promahonas border crossing). We always choose this option. Agistro is a small village with less than 400 residents, but this village is annually...

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Traditional products - pine honey

This year we bought the Thassos pine honey, recommended by Ana Kostić, member of Nikana team. Dark color, different taste of any other honey we had chance to try so far, described by one word - excellent. I thought that the best place to buy it was the shop of Beekepers Association that we found by visiting Potos. A number of breeders formed an association to standardize the quality of...