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Real Estate Greece

Author: Ivana Stankovic Residence and work permits in Greece can be based on marriage, coexistence agreements, studies, family reunion and exceptional reasons (sports, science etc, which barely exists). Also, those who already had residence permits based on elements that no longer exist (for example, divorce), and were employed at that moment, can extend their work license, but it is necessary to prove that they have at least 100 workdays per...


Incomes in Greece

Author: Ivana Stanojevic When we compare income in Serbia and Greece, salaries are plus-minus three times bigger in all sectors. In the last year, some salaries dropped to 500e, (what is really tragic, but there is no lot of people with this salary). This is mainly in supermarkets where cashier works for 4 or 6 hours and that is why they are paid that much. Statutory minimum wage is slightly...

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Pythagorean cup

Pythagoras was a famous ancient philosopher and mathematician. He was from the island of Samos. We all know about Pythagoras' theorem, and have you heard about Pythagorean cup? "The Pythagorean cup is a special cup with a bulge on its bottom, which is also called a "cup of moderation". The glass allows the wine to be drunk in moderate quantities, and Pythagoras invented it for his students. If the...

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Mesta, a medieval castle-village on Chios

The island of Hios has been mentioned several times and it is truly unique in Greece and the world. Among other things, there is a medieval village on the island, called Mesta. It was built by the Venetians, and numerous narrow, blind alleyways like mazes used to serve to mislead and confuse pirates. In these streets there are the houses of the inhabitants, which are also connected to each...

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Every year more and more tourists who travel to the Ionian coast cross the Niki border instead of Evzoni. During the season there is usually no crowd; the road is not so good, but very interesting! Whether you are crossing this border at your arrival or departure, if you have some time, do not miss to visit Ohrid, Edessa, the monastery of St. Naum, the springs of Black Drim and...

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Swimming marathon

A swimming marathon, organized every year between Kassandra and Sithonia is the most famous annual event in Chalkidiki and probably the biggest sport event in these parts of Greece. This marathon is one of the hardest and most demanding in Greece, but also the most impressive. This is an event with a long tradition, so this year will be 48th marathon in a row. This year (2018), the competition...

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Peaches of Veria

Every year in March, thousands of flowering peach trees around Veria resemble a pink sea. These scenes are springtime news in Greece, and hiking and biking tours are organized in this region. Villages around Veria have their own small tourist season in March. Veria is located about 70km from Thessaloniki, on the road to Kozani, whih is 55km away. If you travel to the Ionian coast over Bitola and the Greek border...