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Bouzoukia - the best nightlife in Greece

The favorite nightlife in Greece are so-called “bouzoukia”. These are the performances of great Greek music stars in clubs that are specially designed for this type of music.

The performances of famous stars and night outs in bouzoukia clubs have a very long tradition in Greece. Once upon a time bouzouki was played on such occasions, accompanied by breaking the plates. Today, pop stars perform, and instead of breaking the plates,

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Christos Karastergios is an active member of Facebook group Live from Greece and his comments and posts make a good contribution to the group.

Christos lives in Ierissos, and since there is little information about Ierissos and Athos on the Internet, we will try to change that.

What’s interesting is that Ierissos is the only place on Athos where native Greeks live, while in other places people from Asia settled in.

Christos is

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Problems in Greece

Everybody wants to spend a perfect vacation. Usually we are mentally prepared for nice things, as we should, so we should not let our vacation to be broken down by little less nice things.

Based on many years of working in tourism and mediation in solving the problems between guests and owners, we will summarize everything that tourists usually complain about, what are normal and common problems. These are the most

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Ouzo and tsipouro - national drinks of Greece

It is well-known that Greeks know how to enjoy in food, drink, music, in life in general. Ouzo and tsipouro are helping them to enjoy more everyday life.

Ouzo and tsipouro are recognized by the EU as Greek national products and are protected by geographical origin.

According to the Greeks, ouzo is not only a drink, but the way of life.

The island Lesvos is considered the homeland of this popular alcoholic drink,

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Museums in Athens and Thessaloniki

Greece is a country with one of the oldest histories in the worls and it is considered to pbe the cradel of the civilisation. There are almost 18 localities on the Unesco World Heritage list. You can find the remainings in each part of the country and that is why the archeological diggings never stop. Every day new informations and things are beeing found and they are helping us understand

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Paxos and Antipaxos Islands

The author of the text: Tamara Djordjevic Mavromihali

A small island, on the map located just below Corfu, an hour and a half sailing from the port of Corfu (some 15 km away from Corfu), Paxos seems to me like an undisclosed territory even for the Greeks.

During the season, the ships go 3-4 times from Corfu to Paxos and back, only for travelers, and those which can transport cars go several

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Pause on the way to Greece

There are several good options for a break on the way to Greece.

Veles is one of the largest cities in Macedonia and is located very close to the highway. To reach the city center and restaurant Snupi, that we recommend, it takes about 15 minutes to drive off the highway.

Pastrmajlija is a specialty of Macedonian national cuisine characteristic for eastern Macedonia. Expectedly, there is a “war” about its origin