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Bougainvillea - the most beautiful flower of the Mediterranean

Bougainvillea, or Bogumila as some people call it, is the most beautiful flower of the Mediterranean. I do not know if anyone can resist to stop and at least for a while admire the luxurious bougainvillea that adorn the houses and hotels on the Greek coast. It also grows as a weed on the southern Greek islands, along the road. This beautiful plant can also be grown in Serbia. Nurseries in Greece...

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The best beaches in Syvota

Author of the text: Bratislav Najdanović Sivota is a charming, picturesque town that resembles ancient Mediterranean towns with its appearance and spirit. If you decide to spend your vacation just in Sivota, on this occasion we would like to introduce you to the beaches that surround this vibrant city. Enjoy the photos and description! Beach Pisina Between the three islands surrounding the Life there are numerous bays with beautiful beaches, and...

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Avoid inconvenience in Greece

Tourists love Greece because they feel like at home there. There are no strict rules, it is safe for both, adults and children, you are not paying entrance to the beaches, and no one will drag you for a sleeve to buy something. Yet, there are some rules you need to respect. If the accommodation you booked in the yard has a swimming pool and a bar, it is usually not...

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Problems in Greece

Everybody wants to spend a perfect vacation. Usually we are mentally prepared for nice things, as we should, so we should not let our vacation to be broken down by little less nice things. Based on many years of working in tourism and mediation in solving the problems between guests and owners, we will summarize everything that tourists usually complain about, what are normal and common problems. These are the...


Family holiday on Thassos

"Author of text: Željko Petrović" And finally came 10/08. It was 03.15am when we begin the road to Thassos, the end station Potos. The road through Serbia I know by heart and in no time we arrived at the border at our "former brothers" who call themselves Macedonians. Their customs officer, whether because of drowsiness, whether for something else, barely gave us the look. The drive through Macedonia was just as...

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Spring in Thassos

Author: Ana Kostic I do not know how, but every time I get to this magic island faster than anywhere else where I go ... I did not even take a bite of sandwich that my mom packed me in every case, when we already have arrived. Perhaps the secret of that call of Thassos lies in its naturalness, by which he attached himself to everyone`s heart. Preoccupied by the everyday...

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My first Easter on Thassos Island

Author of the text: Milena Matic I had second thoughts until the last moment if I should go now or wait until the summer. I had some doubts that it is not like in the summer and that the trip is long and hard to get there. On the other hand there were exhaustion, problems and the need for something different and better... This is how I decided to come...

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Music on Thassos

"Author of the text: Jovan Simunovački" Homer's favorite hero, Odysseus, wandered around Thsasos with the team, and there he heard the enthusiastic song of the siren, irresistibly tempting... If we really want to squeeze out and clean the story of mythological blur - it might turn out that for the Odyssey's pirate ears sounded even more tempting the ringing of the gold from mines of Thassos... However, let's say that...