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Greek Baptism Traditions

Text and photos: Katarina Mihalakopoulis Greek baptism in the Christian Orthodox Church is an important event in the life of any family. Greek culture is full of different traditions. Each region in Greece has its own traditions that uniquely separate it from the rest of the country. Below you will find what is the same in whole Greece when the baptism is about. For baptism, the godfather must be an Orthodox...

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The Old Panteleimon Village

Text: Predrag Dimitrijevic Photos: Predrag Dimitrijevic Tonight we climbed 700 meters above sea level to feel the true traditional Greece in the 15th-century pastoral village, the Old Panteleimon. This village was submerged under the peaks of the powerful Olympus and in 2003 it was declared a national heritage. Stone houses, cobbled streets, platan protected by law, stone church dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, and many shops and taverns that surround it give this...

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Author: Predrag Dimitrijević When you enter Greece, fifteen kilometers from Evzoni, you probably have noticed a church on the top of a hill and a monument below. Many Serbian tourists are just rushing to the sea and they are not thinking what is there. And what is it about ... It is a memorial complex for the victims of the First World War, and this complex is made of a monument...



Author of the text: Ivan Milicnic We have already talked about the travel insurance and how it is one of the things that you should definitely have with you while traveling. The medications that doctors prescribe you while you are on holiday are usually covered by the insurance. When you buy them you should pay for them and when you get back to Serbia apply for the refund. There is...

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Nea Moudania and Nea Flogita

We use the summertime to visit as much as possible destinations we have in offer. In this way we get to know each and every one of them, and we can provide our guests with better and more reliable information. We consider our job the tour of destinations. We do not visit some new places, new islands in order to enjoy them, but the only those we offer to our...

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Why you should not kill jellyfishes

Author of the text: Marko Trivunčević Photos by Marko Trivunčević The holiday season and holidays have begun and a large number of our fellow citizens go to Greek resorts. In addition to the beautiful sea, nature, culture and good hosts, it's possible that some of you will experience an inconvenience in the form of a yellowish-white jellyfish floating in shallow waters. You may be tempted to take it out and leave...

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Mobile Internet

Every year we get many questions about internet for mobile phones during summer in Greece. Most tourists have problem with the use of the internet, both in accommodation and on the beach, in cafes and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. The reason for this is usually the large number of connections to the same Wi-Fi signal that provides from one router, which makes the flow very slow. One of the...

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Tax free in Greece

One of few advantages of being a citizen of non EU countries is having the right to be refunded for tax of goods bought in EU countries. There are some restrictions for tax refund, not all goods are tax free. What is tax free? It is a chance to get back part of the value added tax (VTA) or sales tax. Not being a citizen of the country where you...