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Sam na Tasosu...

Alone on Thassos

"Author of the story: Jovan Simunovački" I've been on Thassos already in 2010, in Limenas. I was wandering by motorcycle with my ex girlfriend... I liked the island, it is ideal for vacation and relaxation. Summer 2011 came with a question - what should I do now? I wanted to go again to that beautiful island, but with who? When? How? When I am alone, without girlfriend. Without relationship. Alone. I didn't...

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The atmosphere in Greece

During different articles and misinformation that have appeared in the medias, we feel obliged to inform you about the situation in Greece, especially in Sarti and on Thassos in a correct way. First of all, everything is functioning quite normally and there is no reason to panic. Different informations appeared in the medias, that the shelves in the supermarkets are empty and that there is no fuel on the gas...

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Christos Karastergios is an active member of Facebook group Live from Greece and his comments and posts make a good contribution to the group. Christos lives in Ierissos, and since there is little information about Ierissos and Athos on the Internet, we will try to change that. What's interesting is that Ierissos is the only place on Athos where native Greeks live, while in other places people from Asia settled in. Christos...

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Vacation in Cyclades (Naxos)

Because of the great interest in vacation in Cyclades, that is not offered by the agencies, I am writing my experience to you. I arranged accommodation on my own, without agency. You can travel there by plane from Athens or by boat also from Athens. Port Piraeus. I chose the other option. I bought the tickets for the ship via the Internet. You get the reservation and then you can pick...