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In Nea Kallikratia for a few days

Nea Kallikratia is a small town with just 10 thousand inhabitants. From Thessaloniki is only 35km away. The city has a beautiful and wide sandy beach, usually very crowded. The city is always full of tourists. The promenade and the square are full of stores, pastry shops and restaurants. By the recommendation of the locals, we tried some homemade dishes in Magiria restaurant. They offer 6-7 meals, not bed at...

sunday afternoon 12

Sunday afternoon

Today was a beautiful day for a walk. As I mentioned somewhere, a footpath between Pefkari and Limenaria was made, and I hope that it will be completed between Pekfari and Potos. Now you can easily reach Limenaria from Pefkari, taking a light walk through the beautiful nature. The track is ideal for those who like to jog. On the way to Limenaria, you will pass along several beautiful wild...

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What you can see in Thassos - II part

Thassos - an island that we wish in the winter, when the summer is far away, and the green and blue colors have long disappeared from our surroundings, so everything is black or white and something in between - gray. And then paintings of Thassos start their performance - colors and scents are mixed up, and memories come - sandy beaches, turquoise sea, fragrant pine forests, stunning sunsets on...

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What you can see in Thassos - I part

Following text is taken from blog "Tina thinks"... Full text, with impressions about beaches in Thassos, you can read HERE. *** This year we spent our summer vacation in Greece, on the northernmost Aegean island, Thassos. Would be enough for you to tell you that I added Thassos on my "love list" and I wish I will go there again in a couple of years? Now I understand why out of...

kalogria beach sithonia

July in Sithonia

Every year we spend one part of a July for a tour of Sithonia, but this year we have spent and a part of June, because of the floods. The floods have passed and the consequences are almost gone. You can see maybe some grass or some irregular part of the beach, but life returned completely to normal. It was not so terrible as it was presented. There were some...


“If you're lucky you might see dolphins.”

It is a sentence that I red on this site, which had a magical tone for me. I even dreamed once about me going out to the balcony and seeing dolphins that are laughing at me and waiting for me to come and play with them, then I am very happy and I am inviting children quickly to come and see, but here the dream ends. After such a...

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Mastic from Chios - healing Mediterranean tears

Most tourists from Greece usually bring olive oil, olives, halva, honey... You may need to find out about all the beneficial effects of the mastic, and then to include the products from it in those that you necessarily carry home with you. The mastic tree grows all over the Mediterranean, but only on the Greek island of Chios grows the one that gives the resin in a greater quantity and...

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Castri beach on Sithonia - escape from the crowd

Castri beach is only 3km from Nikiti and is a great place to escape from crowd. Especially small Castri beach. It is not easy to find it because private homes have completely blocked access, but if you do a little effort, you will see a trail between two private yards leading to the beach. There is no crowd in August, just some tourists. The sea is crystal clear because there are...