achilleion palace corfu (13)

Ahilion Palace in Corfu

The author of the text: Vanja Milosavljevic One of the most visited sights on Corfu is the Ahilion Palace. It is located 14km south of the city of Corfu. It was built in 1890, by the order of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, who had been recommended to stay in this place as it is good for lung patients. Sisi, as they called the Empress, invested a lot of her love...

elani beach kassandra chalkidiki (11)

The Elani Beach - a hidden paradise in Kassandra

During our stay in Kallithea, Kassandra, we prefer to swim at the end of the beach. That part that leads to Kriopigi is not as nice as the beach in front of the hotels Zeus or Margarita, but it's cosier and not crowded. At the entrance to the sea, there are some big flat stones and rocks, but after them, the sea is a true paradise. There are also...

Night in Panagia 2

An evening in Panagia

Yesterday my companion and I were circling hotels on Golden Beach. It was very cold. Totally unexpected. The hotels were empty, our voices were echoing through hallways, there weren't chairs or tables to sit down, and I was writing this standing, with my barely moveable fingers. For the end we left hotel Yoannis located on Golden Beach. The mother of the owner of the hotel answered the phone and...

egremni beach lefkada (52)

The road to the Egremni beach, 2018

The Mayor of Lefkada recently stated that the road to the first parking lot will surely be completed by the next year, but the biggest problem for the performers are the stairs to the beach itself. In fact, the large sections of the rocks in that part, above the beach, are unstable and in the rain are possible landslides that would endanger the lives of visitors. However, some rocks have...

weekly working hours greece eu

The Greeks work the most in Europe

Greeks are the most hardworking people in Europe? :) What do you say? Here is an interesting statistics. Greeks have a reputation of being overpaid, lazy, and of going to early retirement. However, contrary to what most think, Greeks work the most in Europe. Official data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development show that Greeks work 42 hours per week on average, which is more than all other EU countries,...

small advices

Small advices

A dozen families that I expected were returned from the border because of the expired children's passports. Children's passports, according to the applicable law, are valid for only 2 years. Many parents, knowing that they recently got their children's passports, hit the road not knowing that they would be returned from the border. I think that it is the worst nightmare when you after so many rides realize that you...


Thassos in 10 days

Your impressions: There will not be a lot of text, because many things are already written... Here are my pictures :D This is how we came and left... First day, beach Notos. Second day, beach San Antonio. Third day, beach Atspas (Skala Marion). Fourth day - Trypiti. Fifth day, cruising with small boat, Giola, beach under the Holy Archangels Greek Orthodox Monastery, Holy Archangels Greek Orthodox Monastery, beach Alyki, my...

dance of zalongo monument (1)

The Dance of Zalongo - flight over the rocks

On this day, 214 years ago, about 50 women, 13 men and children committed suicide jumping off a rock near the town of Zalongo. On 12 December, an agreement was signed between the local population and Ali Pasha, in which one part concerned the safe evacuation of women and children from Souli. Given that Ali Pasha failed to comply with the agreement but ordered the execution of Souli people, women and...