Nikana travel finally :-)

Finally my own travel agency. I was waiting and waiting and it finally happened! :-) Agency is located in the center of Potos, across the church, on the ground floor of villa Balkan house. Its name is very simple - Nikana Travel :-) Honestly, we have tried to separate agency from my name so we came up with names like island-thassos, booking-thassos, but it didn't go well. All are constantly searching for...

metro thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Metro

All of us who like to visit Thessaloniki are familiar with traffic jam and lack od parking space, which can make really difficult stay in this city. For that reason we are all looking forward, after 12 years od waiting, the Thessaloniki Metro to be finally completed and released. The first to suggest an underground Metropolitan Railway system for Thessaloniki was Ernest Hebrard during the redesign of the city in...

the best greek beer

Best Greek beer

Everybody knows about the famous Mythos, and lately there is increasingly popular Fix beer. Vergina can be also found in supermarkets. It's little known that Kaiser is Greek beer. It has been made by Mythos since 1976, by the German standards, but from Greek products. However, these brands are not the best beer that Greece offers. As a rule, the best beer is always from local breweries with less production. The beer named Nissos,...

greece flag

Short course of the Greek language

It must have occurred to you to come to Greece for holidays and to encounter a salesman that doesn't speak English. Fortunately for the past few years, this is an increasingly rare case. Nevertheless, here are the most basic Greek words that might be of use to you on vacation. Basic terms: - no - ohi - yes - ne - please - parakalo - thanks - efharisto - I do not understand - den...

bratmiljenje srpskih grckih gradova

Serbian and Greek twin cities

Brotherhood of cities as a form of cooperation began after the Second World War, when peoples in Europe realized the importance of reconciliation which could start from the local level. In Europe, this trend is increasing and fraternal cooperation exists in 17,000 cases. Serbian cities are most frequently twinned with cities in Greece and Hungary. The reason of twinning can be very different. Novi Pazar is twinned with the municipalities in Turkey...

saint nickolaos church (1)

Saint Nicholas - protector of sailors

Saint Nicholas Day in Greece is celebrated on December 6th. St. Nicholas is considered a protector of seafarers, fishermen, ships and sailing. You must have noticed in Greece the chapels on the cliffs or just by the sea. They are usually dedicated to St. Nicholas and are located in places that overlook open sea. St. Nicholas is also the protector and patron saint of the island of...



Annually more than 400 people drown in Greece. From the beginning of the season until August this year about 2 people per day drowned. According to some statistics, these are mostly men between the age of 20 and 24, and in risk groups there are children up to 5 years and elderly. On our planet, every 90 seconds one person drowns. What I wanted to share with you is one very useful...

old photos greece

First time in Greece

When I asked members of a group Live from Greece when was the first time you visited Greece, I received countless responses. I've selected some of them for you, and the rest can be found here. "Neoi Poroi, for the first time in 2014. Before that, as a little child, I was in Montenegro, but I hardly remember that period, and after, every piece of Greece was an experience itself and...