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the best restaurants and dishes on south of the island (1)
Published July 25, 2017 1 comment

Best restaurants and specialities in the south part of the island

You are in Potos and you would like to have lunch but you don't know where :) We will let you know our favourite places and maybe you like them too. However let us know your impressions if you visit them. If you want gyros or some fast food than you...

the best restaurants and dishes on sithonia  (16)
Published July 6, 2018 no comments

The best restaurants in Sithonia

We are used to fantastic food on Thassos and in Thessaloniki, so we expected nothing less from Sithonia. Our expectations are only partially fulfilled, but we will give it another chance. What we would put under the list "try for sure" is described in the following text. In Sarti, we would point...

A must see/do on Thassos 1
Published November 8, 2015 no comments

A must see/do on Thassos

If you this is your first time on the island and if you are not from tourists who repeats destinations, here are some advices what you must visit, try and where to swim. Of the major places visit Potos and Limenas in the evenings because the...

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giros in potos thassos  (5)
Published March 12, 2018 1 comment

The best gyros in Potos

El Greco Gyros has the longest tradition in Potos and it's considered one of the best on Thassos. A long-standing tradition in making gyros with a secret mix of spices became a trademark of El Greco snack bar. Many say it's the best gyros they ever had, and we are...

ble bread and sweets thessaloniki  (6)
Published October 8, 2018 no comments

Ble - Bread & Sweets

One of the best confectioneries in Thessaloniki. It is located in Agia Sofia, near White Tower and the sea. Apart from being very tasty, cakes and tortes are real works of art in their appearance. Prices of cakes are from 2-5 euros, but they are worth every cent. In addition to...