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achlada beach sithonia  10
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Achlada beach

Achlada beach is locates in the north part of [Sarti](, just on the edge of the town, on the way to [Vourvourou]( It is well marked so you will find it easily. This beach is consisted from two bays. In the left one there is a camp and a marina. Ahlada...

talgo beach sithonia 10
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Talgo beach

Talgo beach is located 3.5 km south from [Ormos Panagias ]( the way to [Vourvourou]( It is well marked so there is no chance you will miss it. You turn left when you get to the board with the sign Talgo (it will stand on the left side of...

Isla beach bar - Kalogria beach 1
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Isla beach bar - Kalogria beach

Isla beach bar is located in the beach [Kalogria](http:// It is about 5.5km from [Nikiti](http:// and is located just after the beach [Koviou](http:// It is a popular bar for young people, and families with children, on the sandy beach with gradual depth and fine sand. It is located on the...

lagonisi beach sithonia 1
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Lagonisi beach

Lagonisi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. Until recently, wild, and since 2015 has been officially organized, a big part of the beach belongs to the bar. It is located 2km from [Ormos Panagias]( on the way to [Vourvourou]( It is well marked so you can easily...

fava beach sithonia halkidiki 6
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Fava beach

Fava is a lesser known beach in [Vourvourou](, but its beauty is not behind the popular beaches. It consists of three somewhat larger bays and several smaller ones. You can reach it by going straight where the turn for Karidi beach is, and drive until you run into the large...

Agios Vasilios (Vournelis) Beach 10
Published January 31, 2012 2 comments

Agios Vasilios (Vournelis) Beach

Vournelis Beach is part of the coast which is located in front of the Vournelis hotel in [Limenas](, right of the harbor. The original name of the beach is Agios Vasilios beach. This is a long, narrow beach with gravel on the shore and rocky or sandy parts inside the...

vathy beach thassos (1)
Published January 31, 2012 13 comments

Vathy beach

Vathy is a pretty narrow and sandy wild beach. Not organized, and it has no sunbeds or showers. The sea is unreal clear and transparent, and shoal is long. It features with sand, soft and bright and like flour, so the water is bright blue, and in the afternoon it's...

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Published January 31, 2012 7 comments

Trypiti Beach

Trypiti beach is several hundred meters long and is one of the widest on Thassos. The coast is covered with small pebbles, and in water are mainly stone plates. On the right side of the beach, as seen from the shore, is a small sand-and-gravel part in the water and...

santa anna beach 14
Published January 31, 2012 1 comment

Santa Anna Beach

Santa Anna Beach is located 4km from [Potos]( to [Astris]( and [Psili Ammos](, and just one kilometer after [Roso Gremos]( and [Notos beach]( The beach is not visible from the highway, but you will recognize it when you see the extension by the road, on the right side of the highway...

tarsanas beach limenas thassos 2
Published January 31, 2012 4 comments

Tarsanas Beach

Tarsanas is a small and organized sandy beach, with plenty of natural shade, located in front of [Tarsanas Studios]( The sea has a gradual depth with a sandy bottom and a shoal for children. If you order a drink, coffee, ice cream...