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talgo beach sithonia 10
Published October 20, 2015 no comments

Talgo beach

Talgo beach is located 3.5 km south from [Ormos Panagias ]( the way to [Vourvourou]( It is well marked so there is no chance you will miss it. You turn left when you get to the board with the sign Talgo (it will stand on the left side of...

Isla beach bar - Kalogria beach 1
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Isla beach bar - Kalogria beach

Isla beach bar is located in the beach [Kalogria](http:// It is about 5.5km from [Nikiti](http:// and is located just after the beach [Koviou](http:// It is a popular bar for young people, and families with children, on the sandy beach with gradual depth and fine sand. It is located on the...

lagonisi beach sithonia 1
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Lagonisi beach

Lagonisi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. Until recently, wild, and since 2015 has been officially organized, a big part of the beach belongs to the bar. It is located 2km from [Ormos Panagia]( on the way to [Vourvourou]( It is well marked so you can easily...

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Published January 31, 2012 7 comments

Trypiti Beach

Trypiti beach is several hundred meters long and is one of the widest on Thassos. The coast is covered with small pebbles, and in water are mainly stone plates. On the right side of the beach, as seen from the shore, is a small sand-and-gravel part in the water and...

skala potamia thassos (1)
Published January 31, 2012 2 comments

Skala Potamia city beach

Skala Potamia according to many people has the most beautiful city beach. The beach has very fine sand. It is known for having a very long shoal. If you have small children who love to play in shallow water this beach is ideal for you. The...

Salonikios beach 1
Published January 31, 2012 8 comments

Salonikios beach

Salonikios beach is about 3km far from the main road and nearest place so you can completely relax. Beach has unusual, larger sand with a reddish color, and so the color of the water is different than on the other beaches. ...

psili ammos beach thassos 0001
Published January 31, 2012 9 comments

Psili Ammos beach

Psili Ammos beach is considered by people as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is located about 5km south of [Potos]( Sandy through all its length and width in the water and on shore. The sand is very fine and soft. The water color is light blue,...

potos thassos day 0006
Published January 31, 2012 12 comments

Potos city beach

Potos has a decent city beach. City beach in Potos is sandy, with a gradual depth, suitable for children, but also for all fans of sandy beaches. There is no long shallow water, but also there is no sudden dept. The water is generally clean and gets dirty only in August...

Paradise beach 53
Published January 31, 2012 14 comments

Paradise beach

Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. From the highway there is a dusty road leading to the beach. The beach is several hundred meters long, medium width, organized and clean. Covered with the fine soft sand, on the shore and in the water....

Livadi beach 4
Published January 31, 2012 10 comments

Livadi beach

Livadi Beach is located in the bay in front of the [Monastery of St. Archangel Mihail](, on the eastern side of the island, 2km before [Alyki]( from the [Potos]( direction. You can reach the beach via bumpy dirt road from the highway, which is several hundred...