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Pachis beach 4
Published January 31, 2012 9 comments

Pachis beach

Pachis beach is one of the most popular organized sandy beaches. It's surrounded by pine trees, so there's are plenty of natural shade. That is why especially families with young children love this beach, given that children are free to play all day. The beach is...

Notos beach 14
Published January 31, 2012 5 comments

Notos beach

Notos beach is located 3km east of Potos, just after the beach Roso Gremos from which only rocks seprate it. The beach is small, with a steep footpath 30 meters long, but with clear water and fine sand on the shore and in the water, and definitely one...

Metalia beach 10
Published January 31, 2012 6 comments

Metalia beach

Due to the lack of rocks and shallow water there are no children at the beach, and therefore no clamor, throwing sand and running between towels :). The beach is never crowded, and you can take your place and enjoy conversation with your friends without the need for whispering the...

Saliara (Marble) beach 15
Published May 8, 2009 69 comments

Saliara (Marble) beach

This beach is a bit remote and inaccessible, and dusty road used for transporting marble leads up to it. To get to the beach it is best to follow the signs for Makryammos beach, and then when you get to the gate to the complex Makryammos...

Makryammos beach 1
Published January 31, 2012 12 comments

Makryammos beach

Makryammos is the only resort on this island with a ramp and charging entrance. It is sandy, organized private beach belonging to the complex Makryammos Bungalows. Entrance costs 3e for adults, for children up to 12 years old is 1,5e and set of chairs...

Livadi beach 4
Published January 31, 2012 10 comments

Livadi beach

Livadi Beach is located in the bay in front of the Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, on the eastern side of the island , 2km before Alyki viewed from the Potos. You can reach the beach via bumpy dirt road from highway, which is several...

Limenaria city beach 1
Published January 31, 2012 2 comments

Limenaria city beach

Limenaria has two beaches. One is a small, in the center of the city, which consists of two parts, and other one is bigger and outside the immediate city center . A small city beach consists of two parts. One part is a sandy with gradual...

Golden beach 28
Published January 31, 2012 11 comments

Golden beach

Golden beach is about 1,5km long, and according to many it is the most beautiful, sandy city beach on the island. It is known for fine sand on the shore and in the water. Because of the long shallows it's ideal for children. This is...

Glyfoneri beach 1
Published January 31, 2012 6 comments

Glyfoneri beach

Very small, sandy beach with a long shallow and lots of natural shade. It is ideal for children as it is in the shade of pine trees, and the first 30 meters depth of water is up to the knees. In...

Dasilio beach 30
Published January 31, 2012 3 comments

Dasilio beach

Dasilio beach is several kilometers long and is located left of port in Skala Prinos. It is mostly sandy but there are parts covered in rocks and mud in the water. In any case, there are great sandy parts ideal for children and swimmers. Those parts are located in...