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The weather in May 1
Published November 8, 2015 5 comments

The weather in May

Since I have been getting tons of mail enquiring about the weather in May on a daily basis, I have decided to try and write something about it, even though it is somewhat difficult to reply to the questions on weather. The month of May and spring in...

weather in preseason time
Published November 8, 2015 8 comments

Weather in preseason

One of the most common questions we receive is related to the weather in June and September. If you ignore the fact that it is impossible to give a specific answer to this question because there is simply no rules when it comes to climate, especially in recent years,...

Climate on the Thassos during the winter 2
Published November 8, 2015 2 comments

Climate on the Thassos during the winter

Last night a strong wind was blowing, and today it is raining, the room was dark and gray outside. As I write, I look at how a windows on the roof catch rain. During the winter, there is usually no rain, the temperature goes down to zero, rarely below....