Welcome to my site on the northernmost island of the Aegean, Thassos.

About me

My name is Ana Nikolic. For six years I've been living on this beautiful island and I have been writing about it.Several years ago I worked as a tour guide on this island and I met his every corner, but I also met the wishes and demands of tourists and what it is that travel agencies can and can not do for them. My blog about the island of Thassos became very popular and many visitors have written to me asking to accommodate them. That's why I decided to dedicate my time little more seriously for this and doing this professionally. The result of this decision is tourist agency on Thassos and this website.
The agency "Nikana" of Thassos, in Potos, is located 50 meters from the central intersection, right across the church.
As for the website, several people help me, so in the meantime we formed a small team. The site is full of information, contains hundreds of articles about this island, thousands of comments, thousands of photos of accommodation that we present to you, a variety of search tools, Google Maps... Maintaining this site needs a lot of work. Therefore please do not mind if sometimes you stumble upon some mistake somewhere or if something is not clear. For clarification of ambiguities and to answer any additional questions you can use a contact form, or you can write to me on email nikana@nikana.gr
As you will see, there is a large selection of accommodation, and I made sure to find something for everyone, so there are affordable offers, and those little more expensive and luxurious.
Currently we offer over 700 facilities in twenty places on this island. If by chance none of it fits in what you are looking for, in the "neighborhood" there are other hotels that I can easily contact and they are all willing to cooperate. And, most importantly, my service when booking for you is free, that is, the price you get is the same as if you would negotiated directly with the owner. I get my fee from the owners, who pay me for advertising and commission when booking.
We try to make the website better and more meaningful every day. We still have a lot of ideas that we try to implement. My old site www.island-thassos.com was the most visited website with information about Thassos in Serbian language. However, because the most visitors of Thassos identified me by the nickname Nikana, at which I was active on the forums on about this island, we decided to change the domain to nikana.gr.
Site already has an English version. The intent of my small team and me is that our website becomes the best site about this island, not only in the Serbian language, but in general, and to the realization of these intentions we are getting closer every day, among other things, thanks to the help we receive from visitors of this website in the form of written texts about Thassos, photos and useful suggestions.
All your comments or objections are welcome.

How this website works

The purpose of this site is twofold: to provide as much information about Thassos and allow you efficient and cheap booking of accommodations on Thassos.
If you are interested in booking procedure is as follows

The choice of accommodation

Browse the site, read articles and comments and choose. After selecting a suitable accommodation, click "Reservation Request" and fill out the form carefully. You will get the answer very fast.
If you can not decide or you need help choosing, you can contact me via the contact form or by email nikana@nikana.gr.
If you know about the accommodation you want, but you want to know some details, you can ask in the comments below, and you'll get an answer in the comments or by email. If you wish to check availability of accommodation or to further inquire regarding the price of accommodation, you can get in touch with me in the same way.


After selecting a hotel and after we verify that the selected accommodation is available in the period for which you are interested, you will receive instructions regarding deposit payment via email, which, depending on the hotel is 10-30% of the total price. The deposit is credited to the account owner of the hotel, through a bank, from a foreign currency account, via Western Union or credit card. When the owner receives a payment then you get...


You will receive a voucher by email confirming your deposit and reservation. Voucher contains all the necessary information about hotel: address, phone, email, and even GPS coordinates. You've only got journey to Thassos and to...


Feet in the sand, head in the shade, gyros, sirtaki ... well, you know that already :-)

Why so many people make reservations through us?

So what are our principles:

Our services for you is free of charge

The price you pay is the same as if you have negotiated directly with the owner. It is in our interest to make reservations with us, but we do not charge you but the hotel owners, for advertising and for mediation.

A realistic description of accommodation

Our goal is for you to find accommodation on the site that will suit you best. People, wishes and preferences are different so we can not decide for you what is best for you, but on the website you can read our impression of the accommodation, as well as impressions of guests who have stayed in, and make your own assessment.

Your satisfaction is our interest

For several years I've been in this business and I plan to stay in it for long. Since I'm far from a Serbia, my only recommendation is a number of satisfied tourists. My previous site, as well as this one, was not just for my story of this island. Here is the place to meet many fans of Thassos and share their experiences. Many of them have met me, and many of them were my guests. Their words are my only and best advertisement.

So, check the website, read the text, view prices, read reviews, ask for advice, book accommodations and, God willing, I'll see you on the island this summer.
Greetings from your Nikana :-)