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Updated January 23, 2018 2 comments

Telephone calls

On Thassos there is a lot of phone booths from which one can make calls using the classic HALO cards, and the use of so-called "Face" (talk-talk) cards, which operates by typing the password and the numbers printed on the back of the card.

Classic HALO...

nikiti pijaca sitonija
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Market places in northern Greece

Some people say that markets reflect the soul of the city. Perhaps markets are no longer what they once were, but still they are very popular in touristic areas, both for tourists and the local population. The reason for this are, above all, lower prices of fruits and vegetables,...

road to greece via vlasina lake and bulgaria 9
Updated August 23, 2018 12 comments

On the way to Greece

For many people holiday starts with preparations and traveling to the destination. In order to make a trip to Greece enjoyable, to not be overwhelmed an to arrive safely, it is recommended to make frequent breaks or overnight stay on a halfway. The possibilities of accommodation on the way...

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Tax free in Greece

One of few advantages of being a citizen of non EU countries is having the right to be refunded for tax of goods bought in EU countries. There are some restrictions for tax refund, not all goods are tax free. What is tax free? It is a chance to get...

mega portokali sithonia chalkidiki

After the guest confirms that he wants to reserve the accommodation, he is obliged to pay the deposit within two or three days. We mentioned the ways of paying deposits (through the bank, Western Union, paypal, etc.). After receiving the payment, the owner is obliged to inform the guest that...

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Summer in Greece

Sometimes the holidays in June and September were considered as holidays outside of the season. It's not like that nowaday. Accommodation capacities were fully booked from June 20 to September 10. Both the first half of June and the second half of September are quite demanding, but more and...

blue flag beach neos marmaras sithonia halkidiki
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Beaches with a Blue Flag (2016)

The "Blue Flag" program leads an independent non-profit organization Foundation for Environmental Education, based in Copenhagen, where there is international coordination of the program. The Blue Flag is a symbol of high environmental standards as well as high-quality sanitary and safety conditions at beaches and marinas. An integral part of...