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wifi in your pocket
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Mobile Internet

Every year we get many questions about internet for mobile phones during summer in Greece. It is interesting that companies rarely offer options that are convenient for tourists, and it is obvious that in Greece during the summer there are tens of million of tourists. Usually packages for tourists have free...

bottled water or tap water  in greece?
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Bottled or tap water in Greece?

In Greece as in Serbia most of the people drink tap water but some also buy bottled water. Bottled water is cheaper in Greece so even if you decide to buy it during your holidays it will not be a big expense. If you still decide to use tap...

haski pecat apostille
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A court interpreter is a person authorized by the court to ensure by his signature and seal that the translation of the document is true to the original. Their role is important in public state institutions that participate in interstate cooperation. A court interpreter is a linguistic professional whose services...

pause on the road hotel romantik  (4)
Updated August 22, 2018 2 comments

Hotel Romantik

Hotel Romantik is located on the middle of the road that goes through Macedonia and is a great choice for a short or long break on your road to Greece. It is located right next to the lake Mladost, surrounded by trees and nicely decorated garden. Alongside with the pool,...

solun beograd voz
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Since May 2017 the railway line Thessaloniki-Belgrade has been re-established. The train runs every day and departure from Belgrade is at 18:50. From Thessaloniki to Belgrade is at 18:15. The one-way ticket price without seat reservation is 33,80€ (you can reserve a seat for an additional charge of 3€). The...

lidl supermarkets greece
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Lidl supermarkets in Greece

Famous German supermarket chain Lidl has a large number of stores in Greece. Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 8-21h, on Saturdays from 8-20h. Some stores are open on Sundays too. Lidl Perea, Epanomi and Nea Mihaniona in Thessaloniki are open from 10-18h during the season (June-September), and...

mediterranean cosmos thessaloniki
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Shops and museums in Greece - working hours

When you are planing a trip to Greece, surely you want to visit some museum or archaeological site. Shopping is also a part of every trip to Greece. Before every trip to Greece, in order to make the best plan that besides resting is consisted of shopping also, take a...

sales in greece
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Sales in Greece

It is well known that the Greeks are excellent merchants. Many neighbor countries are coming to Greece because of shopping. For most of tourists, one vacation can not be finished without at least one day of shopping, especially if it is the period of sales. Many tourists are planning...

large taxes twice
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Overnight Stay Tax in Greece

From 1 January 2018, a new law on taxes in Greece has entered into force. According to it, accommodation users are obliged to pay an overnight stay tax depending on the category of accommodation they are staying in. A stay tax is payable upon arrival at the accommodation unit, directly...