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haski pecat apostille
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A court interpreter is a person authorized by the court to ensure by his signature and seal that the translation of the document is true to the original. Their role is important in public state institutions that participate in interstate cooperation. A court interpreter is a linguistic professional whose services...

road to greece via vlasina lake and bulgaria  (1)
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pause on the road hotel romantik  (4)
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Hotel Romantik

Hotel Romantik is located on the middle of the road that goes through Macedonia and is a great choice for a short or long break on your road to Greece. It is located right next to the lake Mladost, surrounded by trees and nicely decorated garden. Alongside with the pool,...

wedding in greece 3
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Weddings in greece

Greece is on the list of the most popular European countries for weddings. Many consider it a romantic destination because of its natural beauty and attractive seaside ambience, as well as specific traditional customs. Santorini is the most popular place for a romantic wedding but many other islands such as...

train thessaloniki belgrade
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Train to Thessaloniki and Greece

Train from Belgrade to Thessaloniki is active again during the summer period, after few years of occasional breaks. This train to Thessaloniki runs to Gevgelia only, from where transport to Thessaloniki is organized by bus. The train runs every day in period from June 13th until September 20,...

lidl supermarkets greece
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Lidl supermarkets in Greece

Famous German supermarket chain Lidl has a large number of stores in Greece. Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 8-21h, on Saturdays from 8-20h. Some stores are open on Sundays too. Lidl Perea, Epanomi and Nea Mihaniona in Thessaloniki are open from 10-18h during the season (June-September), and...