Dearly beloved, we know you like to buy and try homemade Greek products. We have made every effort to provide you with contacts from small manufacturers of the most sought-after local products. 

The most common products in Greece are honey and olive oil products.  
We will be updating the list and adding contacts on regular basis, so check it again before going for shopping. 
For each manufacturer, we also provide you their Viber number through which you can send them a message and agree on the place and time to retrieve the product.   
Consider that many manufacturers are willing to deliver their products to you on a site that suits you (if you’re not too far away), so you can negotiate the best way and place for taking the product. 

It is best to contact them at least two days in advance to arrange your purchase, as they happen to store their products in another location. 

Cassandra’s prices are the same like prices in Sithonia. From the admin of our group Live from Greece, Stelios Koutsouris, we learned that you can buy quality, homemade olive oil at Smile market in Pefkohori. The owner of the market sells his own oil. 
If you buy 5l of oil in a plastic container it costs €25, and if you buy it in a metal canister which, they say, costs €5, then the price is €30. The owners say that they have more supply of oil from the last year and therefore they are selling it at lower prices than the standard price on Cassandra, which is 7€ per litre, and 30-35€ for 5 litres. They also have their own dried olives. 

Olive oil from Polygiros is sold by the owners of Esperides Villas in Fourka. It is also available in 5 litre cans and can be found in their accommodation. The phone number where you can contact them is 6941584159, on Saturdays and Sundays and every day after 5 p.m. The price of olive oil is 30 euros for 5 litres. 
We deeply recommend that you try and enjoy local products.