Fourka is a very small town on the peninsula Kasandra on Halkidiki. From Thessaloniki is about 100km distant.

The town has got a sandy beach, with the crystal clear water. Under the water is mostly the sand, with the exception of a belt of rocks of 1-2 m at the entrance, and then come the sand and a shoal again. The colour of the water is very nice, green-blue because of the conifers in the surroundings. 

On the very shore just beside the beach there are two nice taverns with a fantastic view of the sea,  but also a great number of private houses which are owned by the Greeks from Thessaloniki. For that reason the approach can be more distant from the accomodation site than it really is since you cannot go through private households. This is why there is no promenade along the sea, but a big nicely arranged square where the social life takes place.  Here are most of cafes, stores, restaurants, several game rooms.

There are two supermarkets in Fourka, Masoutis and Arvaniditis, so tourists have the possibilty of affordable supplying. For a bigger shopping, but also a more lively night life and more interesting evening walks Kalithee is only 10 km away. Hanioti is also relatively nearby, and surely the places on the west coast (Siviri, Nea Skioni).

Fourka is a great resort for those who want to come to a peaceful place without attractive contents for tourists.