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nea kallikrateia kassandra (26)
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Nea Kallikratia

Nea Kallikratia is a town of about 10000 inhabitants, and it belongs to Halkidiki region. It's actually one of the nearest resorts to Thessaoloniki and Serbia, located at the very beginning of Halkidiki, that is, Kasandra. It's 35km away from Thessaloniki, and a little less distant from Kasandra and...

Nea Moudania 15
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Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania is 55km away from Thessaloniki and represents cultural, financial and commerce center of the  region Halkidiki (the peninisula Kasandra). It is a lively town of 10 thousand citizens, with a marine, a long, sandy beach, a great number of cafes and restaurants, well-arranged parks, a pebbled promenade,...

nea flogita (40)
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Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia

Nea Flogita and Nea Plagia are half-an-hour drive from Thessaloniki, and they  belong to the peninsula Halkidiki. These are two connected villages. There are no a lot of accommodation objects and hotels in the towns since a great number of objects and villas are owned by private owners from...

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Beaches nearby Siviri

Siviri has a long and beautiful sandy beach with fine sand, ideal for families with small children. The seaside promenade is beautifully arranged, so you can spend a nice day on the Siviri beach during the summer. According to many people, the beach in Siviri is the most beautiful beach...

possidi cape beach kassandra 5
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Possidi Cape beach

Possidi Cape (Faros) beach in Possidi is actually a sandbar that stretches deep into the sea. It's a really interesting part of the coast, a miniature sandy peninsula which changes his shape depending of the sea current. Vehicles are parked at the beginning of the sandbar, in the vicinity of...

chrousso ksenia beach kassandra (39)
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Chrousso bay and Xenia beach

Many will say that the part of the coast between Paliouri and Pefkohori is the most beautiful in Kassandra. Opinions vary, but certainly there are three large and beautiful beaches: Chrousso bay, Golden beach and Glarokavos. For each of these beaches different names are used, so visitors are often confused...

golden beach kassandra  2
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Golden beach

Going toward Pefkohori, after Paliouri, you'll come across a large bay called Golden beach. It's a beach similar to Xenia (Paliouri), except that instead of fine sand it has small or larger gravel. This beach is less crowded and more peaceful, situated in the lee, so there's no waves...

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Glarokavos beach

Between Paliouri and Pefkohori, right after Golden beach, lies Glarokavos, natural lagoon mainly used for tying boats and not arranged for bathing. The whole coast, from the lagoon to Pefkohori, is mostly known as Glarokavos. This coast is beautiful, gentle, with fine or large gravel. The depth of the water...

pefkohori beach kassandra halkidiki
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Beaches between Polichrono and Pefkohori

Beach in Pefkohori is a very long and narrow, with fine gravel, gradual depth and numerous bars. You can swim in the city, or just outside close to the famous bars. Between Pefkohori and Hanioti there are also beach bars. The most known are Agistri and Molos, located 1km before...

kallithea kassandra halkidiki (39)
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Beaches close to Kallithea and Kriopigi

Kallithea has one of the most beautiful beaches of Kassandra. The beach is long, with several meters of shoal, and the turquoise sea. The sand is very fine and soft, and the sea is beautiful and clear. The right part of the local beach in Kallithea (towards Kriopigi) is...