Lefkada belongs to the group of islands of ionian archipelago and it is a fourth largest island in the Ionian sea. It is specific because it's connected with a 50m long drawbridge with the mainland of Greece. Therefore, there is no ferry to Lefkada.

It covers an area of 3025m2 and it has about 23.000 inhabitants. Its coastline is 117km long. Corfu island is north from Lefkada, Kefalonia and Ithaca, and Zakynthos, which is a little further, are south from Lefkada. Lefkada is archipelago which consists of 24 smaller and larger islands. It is named after the white cliffs, greek word "lefko" means white. It is known for its bright, almost white rocks, the same type of gravel, milky blue sea colour on the most famous beaches and untouched nature which consists of impenetrable hills with cypress, olive and pine trees. 70% of island are the mountains and two peaks are over 1000m above the sea level.

Lefkada has been inhabited since praistoric times. In the middle ages it belonged to Byzantine, then it fell under the Turkish rule and it is interesting that Lefkada is the only ionian island which was under the Turkish rule. Lefkada was annexed to the Greek kingdom 1864.

The climate is mediterranean with long sunny summers (with pleasant breeze) and short, rainy winters.

The capital city Lefkas is located on the northern side of the island. It is the first populated place which you will come across the second you cross the drawbridge. On the road signs usually writes Lefkada and not Lefkas, because this city is called that way too. Lefkas is a 20-minute ride from the international airport of Preveza. It is the largest and the capital city of Lefkada and also, the administrative and cultural center of the island. It has about 8000 inhabitants.

The most popular touristic place on the island is Nidri, which is on the east coast. Vasiliki is in the south and it is a surfing center, not only on Lefkada but on the whole Mediterranean.

Beaches Egremni and Porto Katsiki are among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, and according to some people, they are among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Lefkada is 890km (Lefkas) away from Belgrade.

Useful phone numbers during the stay on Lefkada:

  • Police - Lefkada +30 26450 22321
  • Touristic police - Lefkada +30 26450 95207
  • Police and touristic police - Karia +30 26450 41208
  • Touristic police - Vasiliki +30 26450 31012, 31282
  • Police - Vasiliki +30 26450 32218
  • Port - Lekada +30 26450 22322
  • Port - Nidri +30 26450 92509
  • General Hospital - the city of Lefkada +30 26450 22336
  • Health Center - the city of Lefkada +30 26450 31065
  • Health Center - Vlicho +30 26450 95204
  • Health Center - Vasiliki +30 26450 31065
  • Olympic Airways +30 26450 22881
  • Bus station (KTEL) +30 26450 22364
  • Radio Taxi +30 26450 24600