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Kaminia Beach

A small and rather isolated beach called Kaminia is located near Lefkada. More precisely, it comes from the small town of Tsoukalades, by narrow winding road downhill. The beach itself is very interesting because it has a little bit of everything: sand, pebbles, large stones, interesting rocks and turquoise blue,...

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Doukato Cape

The lighthouse at Doukato Cape, or as it is often called Lefkas Cape, was built in 1890 at the southernmost point of the island of Lefkada, where in ancient times was the temple of Apollo Lefkatas, a patron saint. According to the legend, in this place, the famous lyrical poet...

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Traditional village Englouvi

Egluvi is one of the most beautiful mountain villages in Lefkada. It is about 3km from the largest village on the island, Karia, and is located 700m above sea level, which is why it also represents a populated place at the highest point of Lefkada. The village is famous...