When I steped on the ground of Parga for the first time, I am free to say, I feel in love. I knew from before that Greece is beautiful country and it has so much to see, great beaches and bays, amazing islands that one should visit, but this feeling that I have when I am in Parga, I can never forget, and it can not be measured with any other feeling. Simple fascination with small Mediterranean streets, stone scales that lead up to the old castle from which you can see gorgeous view on blue, blue sea and romantic bay where is located my Parga. Never before I have felt that spirit of Greece that all tourists love so much, as I have felt it there. On the dock where boats come and go, there is actually centar of this cute place. Everywhere along the main promenade there are tavernas, restaurants, cafés and souvenir shops. In the center there is a big encore, and the view from all those shops and tavernas is on the small island near by, on witch there is lonely church, serene white and just making you feel easy, calm, romantic and pure. There all your problems disappears, people are communicative, gentle, always smiling and they give you isolation from everydays stress.

Life goes by slowly there, filled with magical moments. Beaches are mostly with rocks and pebble, while near Parga there are magnificent sandy beaches, long and with weather color turquoise and foamy waves. City beaches are Krioneri, Piso Krioneri and Valtos witch is the longest and the most popular. Sunbeds are charged everywhere, there is no free sunbeds with drinks. Prices are 5-10€ per set. In Parga sea is colder, because Ionian sea is colder than Aegean in general, but it is really nice and you can have bath even in April, May. It's raining rarely and there is not much humidity. Season starts at the beginning of May and it lasts till the end of October, tough some Sweds and English start coming in April. There are many different nationalities and you can hear many different languages in such a small place. Mostly there are Sweds, and in general Scandinavian people, Italians, English, Holands, Germans, but in the latest years many Serbs. Many Brits bought houses and restaurants here and have left cold and rainy Britain and their jobs so they can live calm in this wonderful town.

This little place is good for anyones choice and for all generations. For the families with children, vacation can not be boring, there are many icecream and sweets shops, toys and souvenirs, and wather and beaches are wonderful, and all the couples can feel romantic and they could see and taste so much as in Parga, so in other places near by. In Parga there is a museum Paragea in which you can see how the olive oil is been made and produced, and also museum about history of this town and this part of Greece. It is easy to go from Parga to Corfu, Lefkada, Ionian islands. There is also amazing trip to islands Paxos and Antipaxos where the sea is cristal clear and blue with the color of shining turquoise. For young people there is a lot of coffee bars and cocktail bars where often plays live music, and also music of DJs that play only for you. The best restaurants in my opinion are Arkoudas, Edem, Veneziano, Filomila. The most popular coffees are Del mar, Il Posto, Sugar and Spice, Terra bar, Blue bar. As for the best cocktail bar clubs the best is Veranda and Sail in. Amazing place for vacation, kind of resort that is located in the end of Valtos beach, gives incredible sensation of freedom and beauty, it is called Cape North West.There you can enjoy music, drink a cocktail on the beach or have a lunch in the restaurant with perfect service. Most famous and beautiful beaches near Parga that you can visit every day, going by car or taxi boat, is Lichnos beach, Sarakiniko, Loutsa and also Mikri Ammos close to Sivota.

One who comes once to Parga, never forgets it, and many tourists from all over the world come here for decades and spends every holiday in this fairytale town in the Ionian coast. Try to feel magic of this part of Greece and for sure you wont regret it.