Dear friends, we know that you like to buy and try local Greek products when you come to Greece, as well as to take them home as a gift or souvenir. We have tried to provide you with contacts of small producers of the most popular local products.

The most common products we buy in Greece are honey and olive oil (usually cold pressed olive oil and pine honey). Here you can read more about Greek olive oil. We will be updating the list and adding contacts, so please check it again before purchasing.

For each manufacturer, we also leave you a number (and viber) through which you can send them a message and agree on the place and time to pick up the product. Please note that although they have registered productions under the names we have written, it does not mean that they all have a point of sale, so it is best to contact them via viber, and not to look for them in stores.

The written prices were valid for the summer of 2023. During the fall, there was a big increase in the price of olive oil, so it is best to contact the producers and find out about the prices. And we will do our best to find out and publish the prices in the next season for the summer of 2024.

Consider that many manufacturers are willing to deliver their products to you on a site that suits you (if you’re not too far away), so you can negotiate the best way and place for taking the product.

When it comes to Sithonia, products are a little more expensive than in other regions.

Honey in Sithonia is usually 10€ per kilo, whether you choose pine, floral, forest, hemp or heather, while 3 kg is 25€. Propolis is €10, honey-based lip balm €5. Honey is called TASOS, and in all the major places in Sithonia, you can find these products most of all in Nikiti.

Kladis in Metamorfosis has excellent olive oil. The price is around 40€ for 5l, and 1l is around 8€. The same owner also has Agoureleo oil, whose price is around €10, and Kladi olive oil, which is a little more expensive than the others, and it is best to ask for the price first.
The owner sells this oil in the markets, so it is on Tuesdays in Kassandria, Wednesdays in Mudanya, Thursdays in Marmaras, Fridays in Nikiti and Saturdays in Sikia. You can arrange everything via viber at the number: +306977394175

The owner gives a €1 discount to everyone who are guests or members of Nikana social media groups. The price at the end of summer 2023 was €45 for 5l.

Kalimanis olive oil and olives in vacuum packaging. Location: Metamorphosis and Nikiti. Canister 5l is 35€, one litre of oil 8€. Viber number for the deal: +306973353513 - Nikos.

• Honey (pine, flower, forest, hemp or heather) is €10 for one kilogram, whatever you choose, while 3 kg is €25. Propolis is €10, honey-based lip balm €5. The honey is called TASOS, you can find it in Nikiti at THIS LOCATION and the contact phone number is +30698 948 2677. You can also find this honey in all major places in Sithonia.

• At Toulas Studios in Sarti they sell homemade vine brandy, cipuro, 1l - 9€.

• Honey can be purchased at Evis Seasons House in Sarti. It offers pine honey with honeycomb, floral, forest and chestnut. Price is for 1kg 8€, 3kg-24€ and 0.5kg - 4€. Viber Contact +306977772258 +306982819180

• Pine and floral honey, 8€ per kilo can be ordered in Sikia at Georgias House, and you should call them earlier to arrange, on Viber +306978995036. For larger quantities, more than 10kg, they give a discount.

We are sending you our best regards and would like that you try and enjoy local products.

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