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kavourotripes coast megaportokali 0001
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Kavourotripes coast - Paradise

Name Kavourotripes means “crab holes” which is a perfect description for this part of the coast of Sitonia. Coast that caries the name Kavourotripes is 5 km long and is consisted of many smaller or larger crab holes or bays between the rocks. The most famous bay is Orange or...

Kalamitsi 1
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Kalamitsi is a small and peaceful place in the very south of Sithonia with the beach bearing the same name. This destination is a perfect choice for all those who wants to have a relaxing vacation, away from hustle and noise, which is possible in bigger and more popular...

sarti sithonia (4)
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Sarti beach on Sithonia

The city beach in Sarti is exactly 3km long. Except that, the beach is very wide, in some parts dozens of meters. The beach is sandy, and the depth is gradual, with the fact that in the new part of Sarti, the so-called Sarti Beach the sea is rather shallow...

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Sykia beach

When we visited Sykia for the first time, we didn't understand how anyone can spend a holiday in such a small place with no content at all. After a month spent on the south of Sithonia, we realized that Sykia is a perfect choice for your holiday on Sithonia! Inner...

elia beach sithonia 1
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Elia beach

Elia is a 2km long and very specific beach. It's located 8km south from Nikiti and actually starts from the Spathies beach. Along the beach, there's an asphalt road, so the access is enabled in several places. The beach is mostly narrow and with natural shade because the Elia...

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Beaches nearby Sykia

South of Sithonia is a treasure trove of beautiful beaches. Many of them are not so well known. The place Sykia is the only one large city in the south of Sithonia and in recent years has been increasingly popular. In Sykia there are more favorably accommodations than in other...

travel by car to sithonia
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Trip to Sithonia by car

In this text we will describe the road from Belgrade to Nikiti, the capital city of Sithonia, which is the first important location on this glorious peninsula. We will not describe the road through Serbia much because we assume that this part of the road is well known. The highway leads...

the best restaurants and dishes on sithonia  (16)
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The best restaurants in Sithonia

We are used to fantastic food on Thassos and in Thessaloniki, so we expected nothing less from Sithonia. Our expectations are only partially fulfilled, but we will give it another chance. What we would put under the list "try for sure" is described in the following text. In Sarti, we would point...

the old nikiti sithonia chalkidiki (39)
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Old Part of Nikiti

Nikiti is consisted of two parts. The new one is next to the sea, on this side of the main road. Here are located all the villas and hotel, restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions. From the other part of the main road is the Old Nikiti, place where...

interesting history of sarti halkidiki  (1)
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Interesting history of Sarti

People from Sarti told us an interesting story about their small town. Sarti now has about 800 inhabitants during the winter. Their ancestors were expelled from Turkey, from Asia Minor, from the island of Avşa at the beginning of the twentieth century. In fear of slaughter from the Turks, the...