After years of work, we can summarize the impressions and make a list of accommodation where guests were satisfied, and whose owners have brought the best to their customers and therefore to us.

First of all we must mention Balkan house, villa where we book accommodations for us.Balkan House, Potos:

Suzana has for years been sold out the first due to a decent price, but also because of the excellent hygiene, the yard, proximity to the beach

Suzana Studios, Potos

In the same street there are Amversa villas, which are very close to the beach.
Amversa Villa 1 - Giorgos Corner, Potos

Amversa Villa 2 - Giorgos Corner, Potos

One of the best locations in Potos is a location that has Anna Star Hotel
Anna 's Star Hotel, Potos:

Sirines Hotel, Villa Inanthi, Christine and Papaoikonomou are located on the same street and they are all very good.

Sirines Hotel, Potos:

Inanthi Villa, Potos:

Christin Apartments, Potos:

Papaoikonomou Villa, Potos:

Villa Irida and Aventura are by far the most sought after accommodation in the heart of Potos, and so far no complaints on this properties.

Irida Villa, Potos:

Aventura Apartments, Potos:

Katerina Villa, Esperia, River, Muses and Laskarina not on the beach, but so far no guest had any objection to these two facilities. The beach is only 3-4 minutes walk and according to the ratings hygiene in the rooms is high.

Katerina Villa, Potos:

Laskarina Studios, Potos:

Esperia Village, Potos:

If you want peace in the city center, on the brink of all facilities, shade and proximity to the beach in Potos there is nothing better than Lysistrata Bungalows

Lysistrata Bungalows, Potos:

Sometimes I regret that guests rarely pay attention to these accommodation and in my opinion they are one of the better choices in Potos

Sotiria Houses, Potosi

Ageri is one of the best choices if you want peace and a nice view and near the beach.

Pension Ageri, Potos:

Boomerang villa we have on offer from last summer only, but the comments from our guests show that it deserves to be on the lists of accommodation with the recommendation

Boomerang Studios, Potos:

Lotus is a new building with a very decent and modern furniture.

Lotos - Nikos 's Corner, Potos:

Two bed apartment in a villa Cathy due to their comfort, brightness, large terrace are also for recommendation.

From luxury facilities we would mention a great hotel Atrium and Astir Notos, but also Kalisti

Atrium Hotel, Potos:

Astir Notos Hotel, Potos:

Kalisti Hotel, Potos:

If you want accommodation on the beach you will not go wrong if you rent an apartment or studio in a villa Sissy

Sissy Villa, San Antonio, Potos:

Mythos Bungalows are in my opinion very interesting and high-quality accommodation and almost on the beach at its most beautiful part

Mythos Bungalows, Potos:

Villa Elsa is also a good choice if you want to be close to San Antonio beach.

Elsa Villa, Potos:

One, in my opinion, of the best accommodation with apartments is certainly Aegean Villas. Professional owners, clean and spacious apartments, away from the crowds and traffic, well equipped for every recommendation!

Aegean Villas, Potos:

If you want a decent accommodation in the heart of the village, close to the beach and all facilities, pay attention to

Alexandra Villa, Potos:

Pinelopi Studios, Potos: