On this island there is a large number of gas stations, at which you can get petrol and diesel.

Here's a look at pump stations:- Limenas: BP, Shell and Elin;
- Scala Rachoni: Revoil;
- Scala Prinos: BP;
- Contribution: BP;
- Skala Sotiros: EKO;
- Scala Kalirchi: EKO;
- Limenaria: Revoil, EKO, Aegean, Elin and Shell;
- Potos BP and EKO;
- Scala Potamia: BP and EKO.

Unfortunately, the pump with liquid petroleum gas (LPG, LPG) on the road to Thassos (except in Thessaloniki) and in Thassos itself doesn't exist. For the past few months, there are talks that in Astris on Thassos will be built pump that dispensed auto-gas, but the question is whether they will be completed by the beginning of the tourist season (2011).