Thassos can be reached by ferry from Kavala or Keramoti. The ferry from the port of Kavala is coming in Scala Prinos, and from Keramoti in Limenas (the capital).

Kavala is located at 170km from Thessaloniki and Keramoti to 210km.Departures from Kavala are regular and precise, but not very often. There are just 4-5 during the day, while the Keramoti ferries during the summer leave every half hour.

If you do not intend to dwell in Kavala, then I recommend you can go over to the island via Keramoti.

In addition, cruise from Kavala is quite long, about an hour and fifteen minutes, which is much longer than the one from Keramoti that lasts 35 minutes.

The only reason to get over to the island of Kavala is a possible tour of the city which is one of the most beautiful in northern Greece and the second largest.

Keramoti is 40km from Kavala. You arrive to this town if you follow from Kavala the road to Xanthi.

If you decide to board ferry from Keramoti you do not have to plan a time to reach for a particular departure, because the maximum wait for a ferry is less than half an hour. Due to the delays at the borders which are unpredictable, if you happen to be late for the planned departure from Kavala, it may be waiting for the next several hours, which can not happen if you decide to go via Keramoti.

The following table can be used for comparison:

KAVALA - SCALA PRINOSKERAMOTI - LIMENASTime of travel: 75 minutesTime of travel: 35 minutesPrices:
adults - 5€
children - 2,50€
car < 4,25m - 20€
car > 4,25m - 25€Prices:
adults- 3€
children - 1,50€
car < 4,25m - 16€ car > 4,25m - 20€

Info Kavala: 00302510 223716Keramoti: 003025910 51204 Prinos: 003025930 71890Limenas: 003025930 22106  

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