When you go in the direction of Thessaloniki-Kavala-Keramoti motorway, about 6km after Kavala, you will see the road sign to turn to Nea Karvali (Fillipos B' and Kavala east). Follow signs to Nea Karvali and after 1.2km on the right side you will see a Shell gas station where you can pour LPG, as well as other types of fuel, and the station also offers car wash with brushes, while during that time you can refresh in the restaurant in the shade. To reach Keramoti you don't have to return back to the highway, but just continue the old road (which is parallel to the highway) for another 11,5km (which is in great condition) before turning to Keramoti (same turn as if you were coming from the highway, just the opposite directions).

On this island, there is a large number of gas stations, at which you can get petrol and diesel.

Here's a look at pump stations:

  • Limenas: BP, Shell and Elin;
  • Scala Rachoni: Revoil;
  • Scala Prinos: BP;
  • Contribution: BP;
  • Skala Sotiros: EKO;
  • Scala Kalirachi: EKO;
  • Limenaria: Revoil, EKO, Aegean, Elin and Shell;
  • Potos BP and EKO;
  • Scala Potamia: BP and EKO.

There are three pump stations with a liquid gas (LPG / TNG). Two are located in Limenas towards the marble beach, one is in Astris, Potos, and from 2017. one is also in Scala Prinos. Prices range from 0.88 to 0.93 euros. The working hours of these pumps are usually up to 23 hours.

On returning from Thasos, at the exit of Keramoti do not turn right to Kavala, but go left on the old road that leads through the village Nea Karvali (follow the signs Kavala - Xanthi). On the way out of Nea Karvali, the gas station is on the left side of the highway, and after 1,2km turn on the motorway and follow the signs to Thessaloniki (Salonika).