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arriba beach thassos  (8)
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Ariba beach

Ariba beach is located in a small village of Skala Rachoni. It's a sandy beach with gradual depth and a bar located there.
Beach is ideal for peaceful relaxation in the natural shade with chillout music in the background. With no crowd and most of the time without...

Nudist beaches 2
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Nudist beaches

Parts of some of the famous beaches on Thassos are reserved for nudists. The most famous one which nudists can also enjoy is Paradise beach in its eastern part (left while looking at the sea). In addition to that, there are many beautiful coves beside the beach that are...

island beach bar limenas thassos (10)
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Island Beach Bar

Island Beach Bar is one of the best beach bars in Limenas. It is located outside the main port so the sea view is nice with boats that are passing around. The food is always fresh, and there is a wide choice of refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The bar...

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Astrida beach

Astrida beach is a small bay at the entrance of the place Astris (coming from Potos direction). The beach is sandy on the shore while in the water there are parts with rocks and parts with sand. You can get free umbrellas and sunbeds if you order something from a...

Trypiti beach - wild coves next to the beach 1
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Trypiti beach - wild coves next to the beach

If you wish to enjoy swimming and sunbathing alone, around Tripiti beach there are many wild and peaceful coves with crystal clear water, without crowd or sunbeds and umbrellas. To check out accommodation offers in Trypiti click...

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GPS Coordinates of Thassos Beaches

In this article you can see and mark down coordinates of all beaches on the island. We hope they'll be useful. You can see descriptions of beaches and instructions on how to reach them without a GPS device here. Agios Ioannis - ΑΓΙΟΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ | Άγιος Ιωάννης
40.618871 ...

platana beach bar skala rachoni thassos 9
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Platana Beach Bar

Well hidden in the greenery of pines from the seaside scenery, the Platana beach really plays with your senses. It attracts visitors with a peaceful and pleasant place. Both the pine-trees that stretch to the salty sea and the fresh and shallow water give a unique, special look to Platana beach. ...

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Beaches with music

Thassos is known as a family island, but if you're looking for fun it is possible to find it with good will and information.

One of the most beautiful and also the most popular beach for the young and young at heart is Psili Ammos. In...

Beaches for diving and snorkeling 1
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Beaches for diving and snorkeling

If you want to learn to dive on Thassos there are several scuba diving clubs with professional trainers who can help you with that. Of course you can take your own equipment if you are already an experienced diver.
If you want to have some fun and watch...

skala rachoni thassos (5)
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Skala Rachoni City Beach

The beach at Skala Rachoni is narrow and several kilometers long. The sand is along all the beach. Mainly with natural shade, from olives or from pine trees.
In the water there are sandy, and rocky parts, with the grass, but you can always find a piece...