Since I am constantly writing about food, you must think that I weigh over 100kg, but I don’t weigh even 50...:)

I am a bit hungry at the moment, and while I am thinking what to write about, I am thinking of bugatsa, and then the famous lamb, and then baklava...To my great disappointment, there is no burek on Thasos. The closest to it is bugatsa. Bugatsa is very popular in Greece, but it is sweet, with a creamy inside, like princess-donuts. I am used to Serbian burek with cheese (and I am not a fan of sweet pies), so out of curiosity I tried bugatsa with cheese one day, of which I had never heard before, and I was ecstatic. It is very similar to Serbian burek with cheese, and much better testing by most. The crust is thin and oily, and it is rich in cheese... I take yoghurt with it and think I am in Serbia.

Now, different bakeries have different bugatsa. In my opinioin, the one at the bakery and pastry shop in the center of Limenaria is the best, right after the taxi station when you head for the port (on the left side). I will post a picture of it these days, because it is very important not to miss the pastry shop :)

In Potos, it is best to buy it in a bakery called “Tsikna”. It is located on the street which branches from the main road, right after Aleksandra beach hotel, on the same street as Hotel Sirines, across the tiny grocery. The disadvantage of this bakery is there are no chairs or tables, so you can’t take a seat.

The most famous bougatsa in Limenas is in Sakis shop.

There, I gave you an idea for breakfast. Men, get up early, buy bugatsa and yoghurt and surprise your children and wife with a nice breakfast...:) Make sure you have some bugatsa with crème and cinnamon for desert...

Bon appetite!