I will share with you our favorite places in which we like to stop by when we have free time during the summer.

Since we live and work in Potos, most of them are in the south of the island.

One of our favorite restaurants is San Antonio. In addition to good food, we come to this restaurant in the late afternoon hours  primarily due to the wonderful sunset.
In the San Antonio restaurant, you can try the excellent lamb ribs, but also excellent seafood, primarily shellfish. Delicious food combined with cold white wine in the warm evening and sunset are perfect for relaxation.
Piatsa Michalis in Potos offer in its menu excellent lamb kleftiko so when we want to try some traditional food we usually go in Piatsa Michalis to eat kleftiko.

If you have more time then to head to the beach Kekes. This oasis of peace gives us all the conditions for a real vacation. Romantic tavern on the coast in the shade of pine trees and turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling and swimming, flat, hot rock plates for resting and jumping...

Aliki is a beautiful beach, but rarely without the crowds... However, we often choose to dip in briefly in the sea and then stop at a restaurant on the hill above called Archodissa and in complete peace, enjoy our meal and wonderful view of the Peninsula Alyki and sea.

When we find ourselves in the east of the island we never fail to have a drink or a coffee, or to stop by for lunch at a restaurant Vigli, on a hill overlooking the Golden Beach. This café - restaurant offers a fantastic view of the whole bay and the turquoise sea.

However, if we ignore the views, our favorite restaurant in Golden Beach is hotel Fedra's restaurant, on the coast. Haute cuisine in our opinion. You are advised to try Arab salad for two and we are sure you will enjoy your meal right by the sea.
The best restaurant in Skala Potamia is Krambousa.

The capital of the island Limenas offers so much, and we haven't tried yet even the smallest part, just because some of our favorite places that prevent us to try something new. Restaurant Mesogios! Just to the right of the port. We recommend Mesogio salad, Kleftiko and chicken with mint.

You can have a drink at the bar Karnagio! Place is perfect!
The second one favorite cafe-bar is Platania, close to the Skala Potamia. Beautiful sea view will take your breath away.

If you like Greek traditional music you have to go to Maries and tavern Petsas. There in the evening you can in enjoy in music of buzuki and tasty food.

Ah, that Glifoneri beach! Beautiful, small, hidden cove in the deep shade. Small restaurant with the same name gets a place in this post primarily because of the beautiful place in which it is located.