You are in Potos and you would like to have lunch but you don't know where :)

We will let you know our favourite places and maybe you like them too. However let us know your impressions if you visit them.

If you want gyros or some fast food than you should definitely go to El Greco located in the pedestrian zone in Potos.

If you have time and you want to have lunch next to the sea go to the tavern Poseidon which has great chicken a la'creme with mushrooms. Specify that you want with mushrooms :)

If you want to try traditional Greek food than go to the tavern Piatsa Michalis and order kleftiko. It's a bit more expensive meal (portion is about 14e) but it is really very tasty. It is lamb meat with vegetables in klay bowl and definately one of our favourite dishes.

Are you in the mood for sea food? In that case we sugest you visit the restaurant San Antonio located on the other part of Potos beach and while drinking white wine order some of the specialities. Our favourite are htapodokeftedes, midia saganaki, midia ahnista and as side meal you can take mushrooms and avocado salad. Try to visit this place of the sunset and you experience the magic of this place.

For the dinner we sugest cannelloni with minsed meat in Casa de Pizza in Potos.

If you want take a way food than you should definately take fried chicken with fries and mayo sauce from the pizzeria Aquarius in the center of Potos (accross from the amusement park).

If you want fast food but also a place where you can sit and eat in peace than go to kantina which is located between Potos and Limenaria. In kantina you can find good suvlaki, kebab, sausages. Also you have to try cheese salad (tirosalata). Katina is open in the evening and it is the best time of the day to be in this place to enjoy the view.

If you want to eat fish than you should definately go to the village Skala Maries, to the tavern Armeno. This is one of the rare tavernas along the coast line that always serve fish form the sea.

If you don't have time to go to Skala Maries you can visit taverna Agistri in Limenaria, which is located a bit outside from the center of the village.

If you want to eat lamb in Potos go to the tavern George on the main road, near to the gass station. They serve it only in the evening. Also you can try other kinds of meat in this place.

Now it's time to talk about deserts and pancakes :) Good cakes you can find in lot of places but our favourite is Dodoni in Limenaria. Here you can try great ice cream, waffle with nutela and cake. You can also eat waffle with ice cream and enjoy the beautiful view.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and you don't want to sit next to the sea go to the tavern Koukoutsi in Limenaria, the place where lokals go to eat. In out guide you can find the exact location of this place. The menue is not big but everything you order is tasty. It is open from 19h.

In the south part of the island we have to more places that are also our favourites. First one is the taverna on the beach Kekes. It is in the shade, next to the sea and completely secluded from the trafic. It is ideal for families and romatic dinners. The second one is tavern Archodissa in Aliki. It is located on the hill so it has a spectacular view.

And for the end, when you combine the culinary knowledge of a Greek and a Serbian you get the famous tavern Loukoulos in Potos. The prices are a bit more expensive but the portions are also bigger and the taste is hard to describe :)

If you want to eat on the beach than you can go to the beach Tripiti to a bar Plavoulis. You can also use their sun beds and have them bring you food to the beach.

This was our short introduction to the most popular tavernas in the south part of the island. If you take our advice we promise you that you wont be sorry :)