Restaurant (tavern) Poseidon is located on the coast, on the edge of the beach in Potos, next to cafe Anonymo, on the beach and on the promenade. It is one of the best restaurants in the Potos and our favorite.
Taverna is known for its fresh fish with slightly lower price compared to the other, the home made food, meat and seafood dishes. They are proud of the local dish called kleftiko (lamb with accessories prepared in clay dish). The portions are quite large, and single serving of salad is sufficient for two person. Taverna serves homemade red and white wine, ouzo and tsipouro.

Our recommendation for this restaurant is chicken filet a la creme with mushrooms, it is the best!

The tavern owner is also the chef, and the landlady will be the one to take your orders. This is quite important when it comes to restaurants. Taverna is known for its excellent hygiene.

All the taverns on the beach have the same prices, by the internal arrangement. If you mention Nikana Travel Agency, you will get a discount of 15% in June and September and 10% in July and August.

Tastes differ, offer in the restaurants on the shore is more or less the same, the price is almost identical, and if you want to take advantage of the discount check the tavern Poseidon.